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A community for sites and shrines dedicated to the mecha anime series "After War Gundam X"

Dreams: A Shrine for Garrod Ran ver 2.0
The second shrine dedicated to Garrod Ran of After War Gundam X. Now at version 2.0!

Not complete yet.{;}A shrine to Caris, so far it has some wallpapers and doushinji available.

Khandreia's Realm
A mostly all-around personal page that includes fan art, fanfics, and more. Also home to two GX character shrines dedicated to Garrod and Jamil.

Lady Douji's Addictions Page
Just my personal site shoing off all my various obsessions, including my major obsession with Garrod. I try to have a lot of different stuff, but primarily have doujinshi scans and cels.