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GWI is a group of volunteer motorcycle riders worldwide who offer assistance to riders usually in a foreign country, unfamiliar with local surroundings and traffic circumstances. We save lives.

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Are you thinking of doing some motorcycle travel? First you’ll need a license to drive a motorcycle. You’ll also need to buy a motorcycle. You might even want to join a motorcycle club to meet other motorcycle riders. They can help you get used to riding a motorcycle in your area and let you know what to look out for when driving in traffic, etcetera. And if you decide after getting some practice that you’d like to do some motorcycle travel, you should find out about the guardian whales, a group of volunteer motorcycle riders. The guardian whales volunteer their time to assist new or visiting motorcycle riders in their area.

Motorcycle Club

Do you like good clean fun with friends? Join a motorcycle club! There are motorcycle clubs all over the world and chances are, there’s a motorcycle club near you. I meet with my motorcycle club every Sunday afternoon for tea and scones. In the summer we sit in the garden and chat about motorcycles and on those days when we get stinky weather we play twister. It’s a shame that motorcycle riders get such a bad rap as thugs and convicts, when really they’re sweet people and kind friends. At the moment my motorcycle club is planning to do some motorcycle travel to Quebec City. Quebec city is a great place to visit with your motorcycle club. In the summer they have live concerts in vieille Quebec and all sorts of festivals. You’re sure to run into lots of motorcycle riders in Quebec. The last motorcycle trip I made to Quebec was quite a while ago and I hadn’t yet heard of the guardian whales. Hopefully the word will spread and there’ll be some guardian whale volunteers next time I visit Quebec with my motorcycle club. Though Quebec city is not that far from Ontario, it may as well an entirely different country. The language is different, the culture and the motorcycles are different, but the motorcycle riders are the coolest there are.

Motorcycle Travel

A great way to see a new place is by motorcycle. If you’ve just got your motorcycle license, you’ll want to get some practice before you begin any serious motorcycle travel. One of the best places for motorcycle travel is Brazil. You can travel all the way down the east coast and back up the west coast. If you’re not from Brazilian you might consider renting a motorcycle for motorcycle travel once you get here. If you’re lucky you might find a guardian whale there to show you around and give you some motorcycle tips for seeing Brazil by motorcycle. If you’re making the trip to brazil for motorcycle travel be sure to check out Seu Jorge, an incredibly talented Brazilian singer, songwriter, actor, and motorcycle travel enthusiast. If you don’t manage to catch up with Seu during your motorcycle travel trip in Brazil, you can se him perform live in Canada. Canada’s also a great spot for motorcycle travel, except motorcycle season in Canada only lasts about four months because it snows the rest of the year. If you’re looking for a proper motorcycle community or motorcycle club, visit Kingston Ontario. Kingston Ontario has a very large biker community. It also happens to be home to nine of Canada’s highest security prison, including the women’s maximum-security prison and Kingston penitentiary. Kingston is a beautiful city if you like that sort of thing. Aside from its great motorcycle clubs, Kingston has some great Indian restaurants. One particularly good Indian restaurant in Kingston that you could ride your motorcycle to is Curry Village. An all time favourite of motorcycle riders in Kingston is AJ’s hangar, which may or may not still be open.

Guardian Whales

How did the guardian whales come about? A guy they called whale, presumably form the UK, who was into motorcycles went to the states for some sort of motorcycle convention. He planned to travel on his motorcycle through the eastern United States, but on his way back from the convention, he was hit by a truck and killed because he was unfamiliar with American roads and was driving his motorcycle on the wrong side of the road. The guardian whales is a group of volunteer motorcyclists who want to help out foreign motorcycle enthusiasts. For example, if some is traveling somewhere new on their motorcycle, they can ask a guardian whales volunteer to show them around and give them tips about local traffic and riding a motorcycle in the area. The guardian whales is an initiative started in memory of the man who died on his motorcycle to prevent other motorcycle riders from having the same fate.


If you’d like to help your fellow motorcycle lovers, you can volunteer with the guardian whales. You will be contacted if a motorcyclist is new to your area and needs help getting around on their motorcycle. The best way to become a volunteer is to contact guardian whales and let them know where you live and what sort of motorcycle stuff you’re into. You can find guardian whales on the Internet; the guardian whales have their own website where guardian whales can chat and keep in touch. Becoming a volunteer with the guardian whales will make you feel good. You’ll also be helping motorcycle riders from around the world. I used to volunteer in a hospital emergency ward where I saw a lot of motorcycle accident victims. It was very gruesome and made me a better, more safety-conscious motorcycle rider. Perhaps the guardian whales will reduce the number of motorcycle accident victims in emergency rooms. Unfortunately, a large proportion of motorcycle accidents are fatal.