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A Community for Girls with pitas

a girl and her weblog.

[ transmission ]
[venus.orbiting] - an extension of my personal site. contains updates, weblog, and misc.

aspicommunity daydreams
welcome to my life

A journal pita. Plain and simple.

pixievision links
this is the links page for lair of the mod pixie, my personal webpage. i am a filmmaker on the east coast with an interest in building a greater community of filmgirls.


this pita is for updates to all my projects and sites on any of my domains....

mytristessa.net pita
weblog for mytristessa.net to do with my main site -bullet with butterfly wings--> for poetry etc, my site on wicca, my diary and community i run called who i truly am"

Last Kiss Blog Junk
*it's about me, and I'm so great*

..life under a nuclearsky..
a girl obsessed

Love, Death... Avoid It
Mindless babble of a silly girl.

Color Outside the Lines
Come read about a day in the life of a complete nutbar. WARNING: Don't feed the sanity....it BITES!!! 0.o

We're an underground genre magazine. We write articles, reviews, and news. We read books and literature. We watch television, movies, and DVDs. We love it all!