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Est. 1997, Grrl Nrrd is for women with fabulous web pages full of content and great html. A full range of women have joined since 1997 including those with journal sites to pages about Lynux. If your site meets the requirements, it will be added to the community within one week. [temporary note: don't be alarmed by the number of sites in the queue. these sites are old and have been bumped to the queue until they update their webpages with the code.]

Meet Manky!
The life and times of a young woman... lingecommunity her thoughts between tow worlds: that of her hometown on the NorthWest USA, or her second home in Argentina

Small but amusing. Hand coded and always evolving. Journals, communitys, knitting, and more.

Why don't you tell me?

Color Outside the Lines
Come read about a day in the life of a complete nutbar. WARNING: Don't feed the sanity....it BITES 0.o

*too much missy*
personal page. started recently. eventually work into my band's page(me, mal, angie..). my life as a grrl.

The Sandbox
The stage upon which the drama of my life is played out.

MariŽt's Power Passion Page
MariŽt's Power Passion Page

HTML Help and Techno Music
!!!!!!!!ChEcK iT oUt!!!!!!{;}{;}This site contains tons of HTML codes, and some pointers as well. Frames, tables, javascript, light up links, scrollbars, more. Also will have info on techno music.

Amy decided she needed to spend more time writing, so she started a website. Updated daily.

love & peace
just some rants by me (kageki), some fanart and other stuff too. and yes, it was made in notepad ^^

punk rock shred grrl
punk rock, snowboarding, sktateboarding, and all sorts of other oddities