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Our Greyhound community has pro-racing and neutral websites. A chance to see the {;}greyhound community and who it is comprised of. Education is the key!

Greyhound Love
This is a site that describes my devotion to my racing greyhounds. It has pictures of some of my kids, and it has a poem dedicated to the Greyhound that I wrote. It also tells how I got into the dog b ...

Eagle's Travel Page
Eagle the Greyhound's happy trip home from the track. He was my pre-adopted boy, and my friends enjoyed routing him on with me while he raced and then helping me GUR him home when he retired!

Human apparel decorated with screen printed and embroidered greyhounds

Love of Greyhounds
Share the joy of loving Greyhounds. Racing greyhounds whose heart and spirit are unmatched in love of the run. Retired greyhounds who steal your heart and bcommunity unending joy and companionship.

HM's Greyhounds
Home of HM's Flamboyant. Dedicated to all the greyhounds that raced for us and then became our pets. Times of Their Lives Photo Album. Be sure to get some Greyhound Wisdom here too.

The Hounds of Dragonflyte
These are the Hounds of Dragonflyte and each story behind the dogs. Come visit us and learn about the wonderful world of retired racers and adoption. Take a tour of Dragonflyte.

Our Hounds
This site features our hounds. It tells the story of their lives. Includes many pictures.

The Windharper
A brief introduction to adopting a retired racing Greyhound, with links to other useful information.

Meet Danno and the Big Guys
The story of three retired racing Greyhounds, and how they found their forever home.

Fiona - Finnish Racing Greyhound
Meet Fiona, a racing greyhound in Finland. Website updated once a month. See her racing, showing, doing agility, swimming, and playing with her friends.

Nawty's Dog Wear
This site was designed to showcase items I make for greyhounds and greyhound owners. See my scarves, decoupage rocks, and other items.

Jan's Kennel
Greyhound Adoption and how I got involved. My story of how I was {;}anti-racing and became a pro-racing {;}advocate.

My Life As A Greyhound Trainer
Let me share my daily routine working with racing greyhounds. I have 35 plus years experience.

Greyhound Lovers League
The purpose of this site is to discuss and dispel the myths, {;}rumors and misinformation about the treatment, abuse, neglect and health of the racing greyhound dog.{;}

Greyhounds Love Racing
Greyhounds are born to run and it's the thing they love to do more than anything, from the time they're tiny puppies. No one has to teach them or force them to try to beat their friends to the lure; it's ...

Halfway Home Greyhound Adoption
This is the homepage for Halfway Home Greyhound Adoption, a group that works in conjunction with racing farms to help find homes for greyhounds.