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Do you share your sofa, home, food, bed, clothes, music, and/or life with a beautiful greyhound? Then you're a Greyhound Lover. Come join this community and celebrate these wonderful animals.

A Kennel of Greyhounds
Come visit our Greyhound Family. See the many pictures of our greyhound puppy. Did I mention that we have a Lurcher?{;}

Molly's Greyt Greyhound Page
Information, links and pictures about the greytest dogs around, the greyhounds!

TLC Greyhound Adoption
Welcome to TLC Greyhound Adoption! We are located near Abilene, Kansas, in the heart of Greyhound County. We are proud partners in the Kansas Correctional Facilities Greyhound Project.

Keystone Greyhounds
Keystone Greyhounds is a part of Greyhound Pets of America, Inc, a national non profit organization dedicated to finding responsible homes for retired racing Greyhounds. We are an all volunteer group based ...

Second Time Around... A Consignment Site for Hounds & Humans
This site is for the reselling of greyhound items that have been gently used, and also some brand new items.

All Greyhound
A simple site with information designed to show people how wonderful Greyhounds are.

Fancy Fannies
I specialize in making Britches for Bitches in Season along with other products that help keep Dog owners sane. Guaranteed to fit the smallest fanny to the largest fanny.

Greyhound Pals
18" stuffed greyhounds with lots of charactor and tons of fun accessories. 40% of the proceeds donated to greyhound rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and canine cancer research.

The McHounds
Pictures of Jazz and Libby

Halfway Home Greyhound Adoption
This is the home page for the new adoption group Halfway Home Greyhound Adoption, located in the Oklahoma area, placing greyhounds all over the country.{;}

Jan's Hounds
I would like to share my life working with adoption of Greyhounds and why I {;}an now Pro-Racing.

Use for offecommunity Greyhound Pedigree and Littermate Searches. Portion of the Proceeds are donated to Greyhound Adoption.

Rosewater Morgan Farm
Rosewater Morgan Farm, home of retired racing Greyhound, Devie's Donner, aka, Rusty.

Northwest Canadian Greyhound League
Providing greyhound rescue and adoption services to Northwest Canada. Products available for people and dogs that focus on greyhounds

Savannah Friends of Greyhounds As Pets
Savannah Friends of Greyhounds as Pets is an educational group that informs the public about this elegant & gentle breed & how to adopt them.

Justin's Zoo
I have greyhounds a mutt and two cats{;}

Greyhounds and Good News
A site dedicated to the proliferation of adoption and information related to Retired Greyhounds as family members.{;}Personal information about our two adopted greyhounds and personal experiences with ...

Sussex Longdogs
Sussex longdog club site with information on showing and racing pet greyhounds whippets and lurchers in Sussex England

Greyhound Lover's Homepage
Homepage of the Greyhound Lover's Community - if you have a greyhound related{;}webpage, please join us.

The Best Kept Secret
Older & Special Needs Dogs are the Best Kept Secret of Greyhound Adoption ... They are incredibly sweet, gentle and loving.

Thrifty Nicky
Personal page about Nick, the goofy brindle greyhound.

Recycled Racers Greyhound Adoption
Recycled Racers Inc, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the placement of retired racing Greyhounds in adoptive homes. Visit our web site to view photos of available dogs and learn about ...

Sharleen & Oscar
This is a pictorial of my Oscar boy!!

Discovecommunity Greyhounds and Adoption of Louisville
We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue and adoption of exracing greyhounds..We also conduct seminars and Meet and Greets at local libraries and pet stores to educate the public on the ...

valley illusions
Greyhounds and other rescues. A true animal lover's spot.