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READ THIS!!!!! This community has moved: see www.greenbloggers.org Are you a member of the Green Party of the United States? Do you blog or manage a discussion site where Green matters, from global to local, are a regular topic? Then please join our community and help increase Green voices on the web. For blogs or forums in English and by members of the Green Party of the US and seeking to improve and promote the party. No official party sites or commercial enterprises.

Undercover Treehugger
Political blog of mid-twenties eco-worrier and UK Green Party activist.

An eco-friendly and sustainable parenting resource.

One Green One Voice
This is a space where one Green shares one Voice. This is only a perspective from a self identifying Green. Any opinions shared here are my individual opinion and not any official party stance unless specifically ...

Because there wasn't enough narcissism on the Web already

Detroit Greens Blog
blog of the Detroit Greens, a local of the Green Party of Michigan.

Re Collection
a few things picked up along the way

A blog primarily for internal use by the Green Party and anyone who identifies as Green. Pressing general news also shows up. Readers are welcome to open accounts and post on the blog (as long as they ...

Bloggreen Aotearoa
Thoughts on a disfunctional world.

Appalachian Greens
This blog is for Appalachian people to express their own opinions about the Green Party, being Green, and regional politics in general.

A Concerned Scientist
A young scientist concerned about the political, industrial and religious assaults on science.

Desert Green
"Nature wins, even in the desert." Green thoughts on survival in the land of the consumer.

Rural Green Caucus
This is the BLOG for the Rural Green Caucus. It contains information on the Organization, as we self-organize, as well as providing a forum for the discussion of issues that are specific to the rural ...

Support Enviroman
Support them, and you support yourself, your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren....

Greener Magazine
The Green Solutions Magazine for American Homes, Gardens and Families

Cameron Wigmore: Crowfoot Green Party Candidate
Cameron Wigmore Green Party candidate. We are fiscally responsible, socially progressive and environmentally focused with a platform on all issues.

A site to publish/post self-written or interesting articles or news relevant to peace and social justice. A site that promotes Equal opportunity to third parties and the independent progressive minded ...

Spreading the disease of knowledge. Keeping you informed of the problems caused by the most dangerous threat to our planet... ourselves, and reporting on possible solutions to those problems.

The EcoStreet Blog
raising green consciousness since 2005

Alien Thoughts From Home. Home Thoughts From Abroad - Indonesia.

Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes
Detailed Information for the mentioned eco-friendly energy source. What we need is a legal support to proceed the Energy Production, which will drive us to a Greener Living and our Sustainable Develop ...

Montgomery County Maryland Green Party Blog
A party by and for members of the Montgomery County Green Party. Issues of the day, discussions, and matters of interest to Greens everywhere.

Makin Waves
Personal blog about environmental issues with a focus on what can be done rather than just ranting.

health care
This site provides information about the herbal and natural care of diabetes.

The Frog's Blog
These are the ramblings of a knit blogging, dog-loving, career-searching, web-surfing California coastal law student who is definitely not coasting. I am quitting smoking, coming to terms with the night-school ...

Back From Hiatus
The tiny voice of one green party member writing from California's Bible Belt, the central valley.