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A community for customers of the Green Tortoise busline who are not satisfied with the level of service they received; plus alternatives which they might consider. Technically, this community is currently closed to new members, but you can get an invitation to join. See the homepage to find out how those are obtained.

Open Letter to Mike Tattoo
Deconstructing the rationalizations of a seeming true believer; amazement that this could even become a debate.

Bad Times on the Green Tortoise
Journal of an unsatisfactory trip

Alternative Burning Man List Network
You don't have to dislike the Tortoise to use these lists, but if one was looking for a way out to Burning Man that didn't involve the Tortoise or BMORG, one might be able to find it on one of these l ...

Bad Times on the Green Tortoise
Alternate location, in case Newsguy is down. Only 45 characters and I have to bring that up over 1000, according to the rules somebody built into the system. What exciting reading that policy must bring ...

Ring Homepage
"Dharma and Greg", this isn't. A ring for those telling the other side of the story of the "legendary hippy tour line" - one of abusive treatment of customers, fraud, baiting of the handicapped and much ...