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A community for those who love the Green Tortoise busline, run by a fan of that company. The community is usually closed, but I'm happy to open it for those who'd like their chance to voice their appreciation of this unique experience. Those who'd like to join need to go to either the Green Tortoise Fan Club Yahoogroup (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Green_Tortoise_Fans/) or the Unofficial Green Tortoise Social Club section of the Travel to Burning Man Board (http://tinyurl.com/rl3ay) and talk about their experiences and their site. Pro-Green Tortoise sites only, please.

Green Tortoise and Alternatives: Getting to Burning Man
Most of this is about another community of mine, but it talks about the significance of the Green Tortoise as an unintentional ideological dividing line in the Burning Man community. You can probably guess ...

Green Tortoise Fan Club Community Homepage
Stuff. Just stuff.

Apocalyptic Hercommunitys: Burning Man in 2006
Not many Green Tortoise related stories to tell, just a past customer voicing his support. Mainly a Burning Man related site, shacommunity some ideas about a possible camp/installation/ (whatever this ...

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The Green Tortoise Flickr Group
Neutral ground, of a kind, where both the lovers and detractors of the Green Tortoise can share images of the trips they've taken, both on and off the Green Tortoise.