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Do you create web graphics? This community is for sites offecommunity graphics for download so if you have free,linkware/purchaseware, tubes, stationery, presets, textures, tutorials, etc and your site is appropriate for all ages... you are most welcome to join this community.

Web Design By April Troutwine
High quality Web Sets at a low price.

Outlaw by Design
Linkware and custom web sets available.{;}Categories include Artist, bdsm, faeries, mystical. patriotic, and miscellaneous.

For My PC
Free Desktop Themes skins wallpapers stationery and more

Bambi's Place
Free Paint Shop Pro Tubes

Graphics By Kimberly
I have 30+ complete linkware websets to offer, single background, bordered, and triple layer sets. Seamless background tiles, animated signatures for order, snow globes made from your photos, and calling ...

Bubbles' PSP
My site contains 6 pages of snowglobes so far that you can use; also, I have websets, calling cards and sigtags. Just started adding tutorials to my site.

Home of Reality's Successor
3D landscapes and abstract art created using Polyray. Digital photographs and textures created with Paint Shop Pro. All are free to use as your desktop wallpaper.

Moodswing's PSP Tubes
Large Tubesite with over 1100 Tubes and still growing...some tutorials

Free graphics in lots of different categories :) Angels - Tigers - Fantasy - Bears - Bunnies - More!

Shan's Arty Attic
New holiday images, original, adoptions, backgrounds, content will increase, psp tubes, textures, globes and a gallery of artwork. Visit often!{;}

Angies Angel tubes
I have a variety of angel tubes for you to download.

Absolute Graphics
Free web graphics:animated gifs,buttons,banners,background,{;}photographs and 200 links to the best free services for website promotion.

100% Original Free Webart graphics: backgrounds and borders, decoration sets, {;}and more: we've used our original creations in Oil Paintings, Pastels, {;}nature and experimental Photographs as basic material ...

Sassy Angel Designs
Welcome To Sassyy Angel Designs.....{;}Psp Tubes & More

Avatar Heaven
Need a home for your EZboard avatar? Why not send it to Avatar Heaven so you can use it?

Grafx by Dawn (A PSP Learning Community)
We are a learning community first and for most. Interested? Join the joint email list! We also offer linkware sets,animations,etc..{;}Come take a look we add more exciting features all the time!{;}

Free graphics; fantasy, classy, funky, pagan, Celtic, and multi-page sets. Screensavers, calling cards, and more. Please come in and visit!

Ann's Graphics
Free tubes; anime, over 700 miscellaneous tubes of all descriptions. Updated often.

Kristina's Home! ~ greatkris.com
Many Paint Shop Pro tutorials -- including pixel painting and selection tutorials. Penguins, bears, angels, and more. I also offer several linkware page sets.

Jan's Designs
Free graphics for use on your webpages including PSP Tubes, Backgrounds, Calling Cards, Snowglobes and much more. PSP Tutorials.

Crystal Angel's Snow Globe's
snow globes

Country Creations
A family friendly site. I have quite a few sets for kids of all ages. Some nice sets for ladies as well. And lots of seamless tile backgrounds for you.{;}

SakiMonkey's Splendid Site
SakiMonkey's Splendid Site specializes in e-mail signature tags, as well as animated snow globes. Here, you will find many different categories of each, as well as a selection of blinkies, calling cards, ...

Free graphics for your website with many styles to choose from. Personal help for older people wanting to create their own home pages.

Roxy's Renditions
PSP tutorials and tubes, web page HTML help, other tutorials, over 12 dozen free linkware graphic background sets for personal use on web page, as wallpaper or email stationery: holidays, seasons, and ...

Chain of Graphics

How many times have you been surfing around on the Internet and stumbled on websites that just donít have a clue? While one of the main purposes of websites is to disseminate information, the Internet is a fascinating medium that allows website creators to combine a number of effects. One of the most fundamental components of making your website more interesting and visually appealing is to incorporate graphics. Although some websites overdo graphics and create a cluttered look for their website that makes it difficult for users to want to keep checking it out, when properly used, graphics will make a good website a great one.

Of course, there is the whole question of what exactly is graphics. Generally speaking, graphics are a combination of color, illustration, and text. Widely considered one of the five key elements of multimedia technology, graphics has played a fundamental role in communication since the dawn of time. Early graphics and illustrations can be found on engraved stone tablets that date back to almost 6,000 years ago. Essentially, visual cues that are a great way to convey information or help lead readers to information, graphics are a fundamental part of creating a website.

When examining computer graphics, it is important to note that there are two types. The first type is raster graphics, which in technical terms involved separately defining each pixel within the image. The second type of computer graphics is vector graphics, which utilizes mathematical formulas that result in lines and shapes that make up a graphic. Although computer graphics are excellent for adding a bit of pizzazz to your website, there is a bit of a give and take when it comes to utilizing them. This is primarily because graphics can increase the time needed for your website to load. For users that have slower Internet connection speeds, a website that utilizes extravagant graphics can be impossible for them to view.

However, when used properly, computer graphics are a fantastic way to enhance the userís experience when visiting your website. Additionally, there are many free graphics available throughout the Internet that has been created by intrepid graphic designers. With its ability to add a bit of realism to your website with a visual or add a bit of creativity by displaying your imagination in a fun way, graphics are a fundamental component of websites today.

MySpace Graphics

For such a young medium, the Internet has been a startlingly shape shifting force. Very few people couldíve predicted the rise of social networking sites but web services like myspace and facebook have become extraordinarily popular. With its easy to use function and its ability to include your favorite music on your personal page, MySpace has become one of the most innovative forces in Internet history. Its popularity canít be quantified and many individuals spend their free time acquiring more Ďfriendsí for their myspace profile page.

Social networking sites like myspace are truly a marvel. Users sign up for their services and are given a personal profile page where they are able to describe their interests, add their favorite songs, add video, and create a personal blog. Additionally, the profile page allows other users to leave messages to you, although there is also a mail function that people can use. With its diverse services and its offer of providing free web space for its users, it is really not that surprising that MySpace has achieved so much success in such a short period of time.

However, as myspace continues to grow bigger by attracting new users, it has become harder and harder for its users to gain attention. Whether you are posting a message on forums, adding a note on a friendís or bandís profile page, designing your profile page or are conversing with other users, there is an increased chance that your work will be overlooked due to the sheer information overload on myspace. For that reason, more and more people are turning to myspace graphics to increase their visibility on this popular website.

Although it may sound complicated, myspace graphics are easy to use and find online. They can be used to create a powerful layout for your profile page or as animated blinkies that can be used to punctuate your message. Whether you are searching for glitter graphics or animated graphics to add to your myspace, you can find them easily online. The sheer amount of myspace graphics that are available is amazing and the best part of all is that many of these graphics are categorized in themes that will appeal to you. From emo myspace graphics to rap myspace graphics, you will be able to find the right visuals for your myspace page.

Additionally, there are a number of excellent graphics companies that provide services for myspace. When you are trying to add complicated myspace graphics to your profile page, all you have to do is copy the myspace graphics code and then paste in directly on your myspace profile page. It can be difficult to make a big impression on such a big website, but it is easy to distinguish yourself by finding personalized myspace graphics that tell the myspace world exactly what youíre all about.

Animated Graphics

As computer technology has progressed in recent years, so have the nature of computer graphics. While some people will argue that using simple graphics are all that a person needs when they are building a website, the increasing popularity of animated graphics may prove that convention wrong.

Unlike standard computer graphics, animated graphics utilize visuals that move. However, unlike video images, animated graphics do not take as much file size. Essentially, animated graphics work by displaying a series of still graphics that move rapidly. Therefore, the user views what appears to be one graphic moving. Depending on the way that you program them, animated graphics can appear to move rapidly or slowly. From a technical perspective, a person is able to create animated graphics through the traditional animated GIF format or by using the more advanced Flash program. In some cases, a person is able to create even more complex animated graphics that can be used to demonstrate concepts. However, these complex animated graphics require using CGI scripting and other advanced interactive design programs.

Studies have revealed the effectiveness of animated graphics in making a websites content more memorable. When a website is being used to convey information that can be dense, animated graphics can reveal more information than standard computer graphics. Additionally, reports have indicated that animated graphics make websites more accessible for older users. Besides their ability to break down information, animated graphics create a more visually appealing website that can increase your websiteís traffic flow.

However, there are some drawbacks to using animated graphics. For the most part, animated graphics are more complicated to incorporate into your website than standalone graphics and are therefore considered to be more resource-intensive. Additionally, animated graphics tend to be larger in file size than standard computer graphics and can result in your website taking longer to load up. For individuals that have older computers or a slower Internet connection speed, viewing a website that prominently features animated graphics can be difficult and in some cases impossible. Besides an increased loading time, the most common complaint about using animated graphics is that they sometimes do not work on different Internet browsers. For individuals that want to use animated graphics for their website, it is highly recommended that they offer an alternative option for users to access their websiteís content that is free of animated graphics. While increasing the amount of time and effort that you have to put in creating your website, this strategy will allow you to make sure that your website is accessible to everyone.