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This community has been created with the stole purpose of monitocommunity and protecting web designers from unscrupulous graphic thieves.{;}
{;}If you are a hard working, honest web designer and would like to have your protected, be sure to visit our home page http://wwpf.da.ru

Kittekat design
All the FREE (linkware) websets are exclusively designed by Kittekat design {;}You are welcome to choose the one(s) you like best and use it on your own site. Choose from a selection that is growing every ...

The Doll Collector's Society
{;}We are a Cartoon Doll Society. We promote friendship and teach others to make cartoon dolls. :)

Her Heart
A mishmash of all my various interests. Poetry, artwork, web design, cartoon dolls.{;}

Penelope's Tubes
PSP tubes in various categories, hisgtorical, mythical, nature, flowers etc.

Penelope's Graphics
Oriiginal Designed Linkware Themed Websets