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Click Member link to see site in tvI'm Living Proof that God Has a Sense of Humor
A blog about my life as a SAHM to 2 sets of twins...the good, the bad and the ugly!

Adventures of Mommy Melissa
I am a 27 yr old first time mama to twin boys Zachary & Ashton. I have always wanted to have kids and they are more than I ever could have dreamed for! I'm trying to get back in shape, advance my career ...

After having 4 children in four years (on purpose) and thinking we were all done, my husband and I discovered we were expecting twins. Claire and Ben were born May 2008 at home. This is the chronicle of ...

Mommying On The Fly
The rants and raves of a woman married to her best friend and the greatest husband, father and sailor ever and a proud mommy to twin girls. Who's just trying to balance being a good wife, a fair friend ...

Surprised to be expecting twins...expat in the south of France...doing all this for the first time

Everyday Adventures
I'm a mom of three boys, 7-yr-old id twins and a 3-yr-old. They each have autism. My blog is our story along with all the silly/crazy fun my boys get into on a daily basis.

The Kennedy Adventures!

The Myers Twins
All about my life, raising 3 beautiful girls. My oldest daughter is 4 and the twins are 18 months!

The Stefo Crew
Large family life, from twinfants to teens Shacommunity with family and friends the milestones and misadventures of a Mom of Many

Pookie and the Boys
SAHM of twin 7 year old boys. Shacommunity recipes, frugal tips, finds, and whatever is on my mind.

THE LAUGHTER, JOYS AND INSANITY OF RAISING OUR GIRLS - mom to fraternal GG twins. Two years of infertility + severe post partum depression + twins that have never slept well = a very rough first year. ...

Irish Triplets Plus One!
Follow our journey with an 11 year old, fraternal twins born July 2007 AND our baby girl due September 2008 (no, we were NOT trying!) Throw in a small managerie of dogs and cats and welcome to "our wo ...

Twins + One = Chaos
Life with a three year old and one year old twins!!!

Diary of a Working MoM
Ranting, ravings and observations of a mom of twins that works outside the home in a demanding job. I really don't see my twins much ducommunity the week but try to reserve the weekends for quality time ...

Top Twin Stories
Stories about my fraternal boy/girl twins, their special bond and the funny things the embark on together.

Twice the Joy...Twice the Chaos
Our journey as new parents of twin girls......are we in trouble or what!!!

Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys
Mom of 5 little boy monkeys, including MonkeySee and MonkeyDo...twin boys!

Bcommunitying Up Twins
A 31 year old stay at home mother of 21 month old twin girls. Please enjoy my blog about life with twins including information for parents of twins, parents of young children and parents-to-be.

Nonlinear Girl
I'm the mother of a toddler, pregnant with twins. I call it my life in a poopy fog.

The Daily Fix
I am a first time mom. I have fraternal twin boys... this blog is my family's journey through life with multiples. I will share the good, the bad and the fabulous!

Faith, Hope & Love
A blog about raising boy/girl twins we adopted from SOuth Korea at 13 months of age!

Five Fish: Destined for twins
Blog about the everyday chaos of twins and how everyday is a wonderful challenge.

Loving 2 Miracles

More MereCatherine
Boy and Girl toddler twins and a lot of attitude.

Adventures of the McKinney Twins
After two years of trying, two miscarriages and one IVF, I became the mom to fiesty boy/girl twins. Right before they turned a year old, I left the corporate world to stay at home with them. I find my ...

The manic musings of a multiple mummy
Daily life and notes of a SAHM mother of four in the UK

eventingmum-2 sets of twins & a teen!
blog about life with two sets of twins,and sensory processing issues and other ramblings that may occur!

And Twins make 5!
Married Mommy of 5 including twin infant boys offers parenting insights and product reviews

Twin Happy
Twinformation and more! :-) Be sure to also check out my personal blog, featucommunity life with my identical twin girls Anna and Josie, and join the Twin Happy Community! Because there's no happy, like ...

Bodhisattvas in the Street - The Blog
A blog seeking and shacommunity positive stories of personal insight, money savings and life changes for the better - if not the bigger - amidst the challenging economy. Written by a work-from-home professional ...

Snowy Mountains Mama
Life in remote Australia, raising twins plus one on a sheep farm.

Whole Lotta Mama
I just started my blog so I am a NOOB. My first intent was blogging about my story as an abused wife and blogging about info on domestic violence. Including trying to reach out to those who are in need ...

Twin mom hoping to find and maintain harmony in my chaotic, frenzied, beautiful, dysfunctional, happy, crazy, inspired, blessed, and did I say CRAZY life! I married my high school sweatheart, had beautiful ...

2 by 2
This is a site dedicated to our twin pregnancy. It will of course become more of a twin raising site once the babies are born. That will happen sometime this spring. We are a middle class family in ...

The Waiting Womb
A place for us to share our journey with twins - from pregnancy onward. We started this blog shortly after we found out we were pregnant. So far its been a great experience. As the name of this blog ...

Twofer Tots
My blog is about my life as a mom of twin baby boys. At this time my guys are nine months old, having been born in September of 2009. They are our first children, and we are learning to be parents as ...