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Click Member link to see site in tvFull of Beans
Beans are my favorite things! As the Momma Bean of two little girlie Beans, I am learning day by day about what it's like to be a M.O.M. and I'm loving every minute of it!

Live from the Wang of America
A Mommy Blog about raising Men not boys. And sometimes it's about girl stuff.

Bad Egg
Infertility was rotten, now twins have me scrambling!

The Twinkies
Updated (almost) daily, this picture heavy site chronicles the adventures in sleep derivation of a mother of boy/girl twins.

Twin Journey
This blog was created to journal our journey with twins! From the overwhelming emotions of learning we were expecting twins through today. We live, laugh, learn and Love the adventure with twinz!

You are my Texas Sunshine
Our family has started a journey to discover ourselves and each other. I am starting to remember all the things I used to love doing when I was a kid! We are having a blast spending time together. I love ...

picklebums - and other curious creatures

Erika Cass Designs
I'm a work-at-home-mom(wahm) jewelry designer with 3 kiddos; twin girls and 1 boy. This is my biz blog plus random musings about my family, life and "treasure hunting". Enjoy! :o)

twincredible twosome
A personal family blog about my life as a single mother by choice raising twins sons who were born 2 months prematurely.

Double the Love & Double the Funů. AGAIN!
Doubletwinz.com is run by Kris Cain, mom to 2 sets of twins. I hope that you find the info on this site useful, informative and fun!

Our twintastic adventure -- because they are twins and they are FANTASTIC!

Sniggle Shack
Thirty-something wife and mother; sometimes witty, occassionally strong-willed, always adventurous. Tainted past with many skeletons, just trying to fit in and adjust to this domestic life.

Mothecommunity, Write or Wrong
Twin mom, Oregon, riding the learning curve.

johnathan and joseph
our blessed lives with twin boys

The Wonderful World of Girls

*Organized Chaos*
With all of the toys, books and school stuff filling our home, it tends to looks as if it is void of any order. In reality we are very systematic in the way our main parts (each family member) are connected, ...

Raising Three
Here is the raw truth of the emotional and physical toll of raising twins written by a wannabe hippy mom of 3 boys ages 3 and under. Nicknamed Mommy Frog by her oldest, Heather is a stay at home mom (SAHM) ...

Being Pretty Isn't Easy (with twins)
Blog about my every day life with my 1 year old twins.

Techmamas (TechMama) is a site where parents meet technology, and get along - well at least sometimes...

That Breese Family
Family, recipes and daily stuff from a sahm of 4 kids!

House Arrest
sometimes funny. sometimes quirky. always honest.

Candle At Both Ends
My blog chronicles my transition from career girl to stay-at-home mom of 4 in just 6 short years. I have twin 3-year-old boys as well as daughters who are 5 and 1. My children are "spirited," or "a handful," ...

Step Into the Nexus
Stimulating the Mind, Body & Soul. Mother of Twins. Lover of One.

Momma Bean
My life is full of beans! Momma's musings on two little girlies and the havoc they wreak on a daily basis.

The Deterdings
our family webpage

Ocean Waves
My random thoughts as a mom of identical twin girls.

Funky Doodle Donkey
From there to here, from here to there, Funky things are everywhere!

There's More To Life Than Kids?
A SAHM mom to twins, on a journey of RE self-discovery!

Parenting, quilting, knitting - and trying to tell my girls apart.

Kerry Lynn
Raising Twins

The Best Family Diaries
My blog is a family blog. I talk about everything we do, and post loads of pics.

Ramblings of a Crazy Pregnant Woman

It's Twinsanity
Blogging about life with 4 kids and a second set of twins on the way.

One day at a time
I am a former teacher who is currently a sahm of boy/girl twins. In addition, I am the wife of an Ironman. We work together to try to raise our children using many ap ideas. They are my life... they ...

Twins Beautiful Life
Beautiful life of fraternal twins and different sex; twins dialogues, parenting tips, recommended TV programmes, books and activities for pre-schoolers

Kristin's Four Kids
Mother of 4 in Maine.

Musings on Life with Multiples

The Williams Family
The daily happenings of life with twins and one on the way!

Twins are Fun
Resources, news and reviews of nifty products for twins.

The Dukes of Lawrence

Sarah and the Goon Squad
A site about my life with two year old twins. That's right. You heard me.

Susan Heim on Parenting
Susan M. Heim, a mom of twins, former senior editor for the bestselling "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series and the author of four parenting books, shares her personal and professional thoughts and experiences ...

Knitting Knutty
A blog about me, my girls, my knits and how much I want to loose some weight.

Is it just me . . ?
Blog about life with twins and anything and everything else that comes to mind.

A day in my life ...
I'm an Aussie (living in California), a military wife and a mummy to 3 amazing children (a teenager and twin toddlers).

Lit and Laundry
Once upon a time I had 3 kids under the age of two. Now it's 3 kids under 12 but it's just too much work to keep changing my handle.

Eclectic Muddlehood
Join me as I muddle through being a wife, a mother of twins plus one and a woman, among other things....

Juggeling act of life
Full time working mom with a toddler and twin boys

Madre de Muchos
The ramblings of an overwhelmed mother of 4 (including a set of fraternal twin boys)and birth junkie.

The Mommy Machine
Observations from a mother of four, living a busy but uncomplicated life in Alaska