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a crafting community for those who are darkly inclined

Sometimes lifes so full of knit ya just gotta grab your sticks run to the corner and hit it!

Knitting & spinning in Atlanta GA.

Bug Art!
Personal site for Textile Artist Erin Winslow and her Art Quilts, among other interests.

The Nocturnal Knit Witch
Knitting, blabbing, dogs, daily life, and running with scissors

Darkside of Knitting
My blog about me and my misadventures in the world of knitting as I aim to knit as many things with a skull on it and also my journey to become a pirate.

Vintage Stich-O-Rama
Dark and dreary, old and weary. Vintage knitting, crocheting, handspinning, and sewing. Free vintage and original needlework patterns.

skulls n bats
another aging goth knitter in the ranks.

Will Pillage For Yarn

A non-standard knitter living in the Silicon Valley.

Fallen Angels & Hidden Demons
Lost in Wonderland, this struggling artist battles the Red Queen of Depression, with pens, brushes, hooks, needles....anything she can get her paint stained hands on! Will she find her big break or ...

Lost Cove
Blog & craft site

Goth Knitting on Squidoo
A collection on links to free goth and gothable knitting patterns on the web.

Gothy, and geeky. Interesting mix, I knit a lot!

The Grimm Witch of Jersey
Spilling the beans on teaching, writing, reading, wire-working, beading, crocheting, and knitting with my mamma and little sis.

Just A Knit Wit
I'm a returning college student working towards my eventual Ph.D. with the ultimate goal of becoming a college professor.

Jane's Mad Howls
Odd (meaning both strange and occasional) postings on mostly knitting, in addition to pessimistic observations of our world. Will be posting old patterns as often as I can manage.

knit 'n' purl

Two Needles and a Black Sheep
One families black sheep tells her tales of knitting, craft, art and life.

Knit it in Black
Knitting on the dark side! Lots of fun knits, mostly in black.

Aranwen's Jewelry
Elegant handmade unique jewelry from the middle ages to the 19th century, victorian, renaissance, medieval, gothic, vintage. Made mostly of brass filigree components, velvet, chain, crystals, beads, cameos ...

A place where knit happens and sometimes life too.

Black Crow Knitting
Discombobulated thoughts and ramblings of a knitter and arty crafty crow!

Elsewear - the gothic superstore
shirts & Clothing, Gothic Clothes, Fantasy, Punk Clothes, Rock, Biker Shirts, Celtic & Tribal T-shirts, Clothing, Jewellery, Accessories, Alchemy Gothic jewellery.

The Sticky Vat
Sweet and Shadowy Illustration and Handmade Finery

Smeared and Smudged- Alternative, Vintage, and Gothic Art Rubber Stamping Network
We are a group of rubber stampers who are dedicated to focusing on alternative art styling and unique ways to use rubber stamps. If you enjoy creating any type of art using gothic, alternative, vintage, ...