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1. You're different than everyone else. 2. You can laugh at yourself. 3. You have a unique nickname from a loved one. 4. You have a clean site.

LO-FI MP3s by jimjimblund
goofus jimjimblund and his free music to steal borrow and/or listen to. If you thinx its silly of me to give away it all-as if anyone would want them -ho ho ho ho ho

Space Dock 13
EelKat's Intergalactic Homebase. My personal web page about me, my life, pets, hobbies, town, causes I support, and anything else I might add in the future. Includes links to all my web sites, fanlistings, ...

Crazy Quilt
A riot of colour. And shades of grey. My Reflections on a Saturday afternoon..

Social Network on Legends,Myths,Folklores,Healing,Facts,Fairy Tales.Keeping it alive for future generations.

Joe's Daily Digs
This is the site where, I - Joe, disseminate silly and serious happenings to all who care to see them.