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This community is for sites that celebrate the human-canine bond and show how dogs can function as healers, teachers, heros or friends. Kids and adults alike, whose sites touch upon the gifts that dogs have provided their companions, may join. Examples include: {;}{;}Websites for Non-Profit Organizations (animal protection, animal training, rescue, humane societies, animal shelters, assistance dog groups, etc.){;}{;}Websites about doing Animal-Assisted Activities (pet visitations, etc.){;}{;}Websites about doing Animal-Assisted Therapy{;}{;}Websites about having and/or training a Service Dog (includes Guide Dogs, Heacommunity Dogs, Mobility Dogs, Seizure-Alert & Response Dogs){;}{;}Websites about doing demonstrations with your dog{;}{;}Websites about rescuing a dog {;}{;}Websites about having and/or training a Search & Rescue Dog{;}{;}Websites about training a dog in conformation, obedience, agility, flyball or tracking{;}{;}Websites about doing Puppy Raising for the disabled{;}{;}Websites about having a Seizure-Al

Service Dogs and More!
{;}Want to know what that dog does that is in the store, weacommunity the red backpack? Why there's more than just guide dogs out in public helping their handlers? Are you disabled and interested in ...

Proud Sponsor of a Service Dog
Information on Sponsocommunity an independent Service Dog Team. Meet a Service Dog in Training.

k9assistance by Caesar
Golden Retriever, Caesar is a registered assistance dog from Dogs for the Disabled in UK. This is his site and tell something of his life and work with his wheelchair using companion.

My House of Gold
This site is primarily pictures of the dogs I foster for NRGRR

Onze HondenHomepage
Website about our two Golden friends and a yorkshire terriėr with lots of pictures and stories.and also two pages dedicated to our friends at the bridge

Golden Retreate Goldens
Meet the Golden Retrievers that live at our lake. The lake has been dubbed Golden Retreat.