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A look into Gods love for us can help us get through some of our darkest days which is why this community was created. Use this as a place to learn more about God through links and articles that will help you to understand the power of God's love for us.
Use this community to learn and to find the light to brighten even your darkets days.Learn more about God here.

Gods Love for Us
Gods Love. How much does God Love us? This page has many articles and links to help you find this out. Included is an article by Ben-Ezra Bautista where he tells his personal experience of Gods Love. ...

God's Holy Word
The Bible Online! KJV. Gods Holy Word.The King James Version Bible Complete Old and New Testaments.

Romans Road End Time Ministries
Romans Road End Time Ministries is a Ministry of help. Our calling is to help you spared the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Glimpses of God
Promoting worship, praise, faith, hope, brotherhood, unity, and love via scriptural methods of Bible study; for all faiths that believe in the Bible.

Song's Site
This is songweaver4Him’s site… a family, Christian, website, with emphasis on our relationship with Jesus Christ, salvation, ministry, and Hope for the Wounded heart.

Understanting Gods Love For Us
Gods love for us may be something that we question from time to time, but at the end of the day, it is something that we all deep down find a great comfort in no matter our lifetyle choices, beliefs or upbringing.
Gods love extends beyond our imagination and it is his love that we are born on this earth. It is said by most Christians that, “what we are is god’s gift to us and what we become is our gift to god”. Sayings like this might not be enough for the non believers but there are many things from which it can be proven that God does exist but just not in a visible form. The beauty we see in nature, the places we see, some of them have their own historic stories that are only written about but we can no longer see. Does this mean that they are not true also? The bible is a historical written document so surely that proves he is there for us?

It is because of God’s love for us that he has made such a wonderful life for us all to live. God loves each and everyone equally; there are no exceptions in his eyes. Sometimes we feel that God is not with us, this does not mean that he does not love us anymore. Sometimes these bad things that happen to us happen for a reason and that is why he did not do something to stop it from happening. He can see the bigger picture and it is normal to feel let down but we have to trust that something good is going to happen after that situation that we could not see before. God is the father of everyone and he has to look after everyone, he wants to make us strong from inside that is why he allows us to feel pain. Through believing and trusting his love will help you to recover from the toughest situations that we face in our lives.

Why did Christ die when he did not do anything wrong? He died for us, he died for our sins. He forgave all our sins and showed us nothing but love for us, his children. It is God who created love and showed us how to love. God is everywhere and can be in any form. He always wants to keep his children by his side with his protection. It is said that anyone who is in love, believes in God weather they realize it or not. God’s love is unconditional and it is we who gave love a condition. But God is beyond the divisions and loves us as we love our children, as we are his children, unconditionally. He loves each and every one of us and he has expected nothing in return. He loves all of his children even those who declare themselves as Atheists (someone who does not believe in God and his powers).

There are many quotes of Gods love to mankind and to nature within the Bible. Some very famous quotes state that, “whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love”, the Bible says,“ because of love of Lord Jesus Christ that live at peace with God” and Jesus said “I came here so that everyone would have a life and have it in its fullest”.

This was God’s love for us; it is his love that he has created us in his own image so that we would know him better. He has given us the freedom; to think, to walk, to believe in him or not and that is true unconditional love.