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I write about life, knitting and sometimes I even ramble on about nothing at all.

Place where I bok & squok.

Never Ending Yarn
A blog dedicated to my love of knitting and whatever else comes to mind.

Tiarasaurus Knits
A chronicle of how I learned to knit, and the projects I'm tackling.

Knit to be Tied
Just a place for me to showcase my completed works and document my journey as I teach myself to knit.

My almost daily blogging of my knitting adventures and misadventures.

Sassy Gina-D
Knitin' Craftin' and just plain Livin'


All about my knitting and my life as a newlywed grad student in Auburn.

Anny Purls
Knitting triumphs (and disasters) of a new suburban mom.

Knittin' Around
knitting projects. before, ducommunity and after

Kitten Yarns & Crafts
My blog to discuss knitting, crocheting and card making (or other crafts I take part in from time to time).

Kellann Knits
I am just starting to move past scarves...join me in my journey!!! I am also moving onto nicer yarns! YEAH!


Knit Picky
Blogging about yarn, patterns and general knit gabbery. Thrown into the mix are my tales of woe or joy, depending on the day and my mood!

All it took was just one Stitch
A newbie knitter and progress to the ultimate goal - FINISHING!

The Roller Coaster of Emotions when I Knit

Drop Stitch Knitter
My Fiber OCD on display

k1, (knit one)
A fine artist and beginner knitter describes her experiences learning a new craft.

LollyKnitting Around
I have been knitting since November 2003, and consider myself on the cusp of beginner/intermediate. I am always updating my blog with my projects.

Knotty Mouse
A crafty SAHM's projects and thoughts..

AngiPant's Kicks
Random rants by AngiPants

Knitting Solo
KNitting Solo.. One Stitch at a Time

I hate waiting.

Barb Knits
Just some random thoughts about knitting, and pictures of completed projects.

Knitting & Me
A blog about my adventures in knitting and life.

A site for beginning knitters with free, very simple patterns and pictures of actualized projects!

crocheting, knitting, and random thoughts
Mostly a blog about my rediscovery of knitting, but also includes things that happen in my life.

Yea, I Knit...
Yet another knitblog by yet another addicted knitter

Crafty Neko
My craft blog.

Look at the world
My blog which contains pictures of my crafts.

Musings of a (mostly) self-taught knitter.
A blog about my trial and errors teaching myself to knit, the development of a knit-addiction, and my thoughts and experiences in the world of yarn.

Teyla's Reality
This will be a story of my life how I see it. This is Teyla's Reality....Not too many people may see it that way but hey I am allowed. There will be alot of knitting notes since I am a new knitter to the ...

Glitz Knits
Knitting blog

I have a wonderful husband three young boys and love to knit and do other crafts.

Knit Together: Homage to Hestia
A blog the celebrates knitting and other domestic arts.

Knitting Soul
The adventures of a newbie Knitter

Yes I'm knitting, do you have a problem with that?
My name is Martha, and I am addicted to knitting. Currently I feed my addiction by knitting and purchasing yarn and reading blogs. This is what I write about.

Creative Overload Junction
This site is about my knitting projects, artwork, and random observations.

Calling on Kahlo
Monica's blog on knitting, yarn, and her kitties. Calling on (Frida) Kahlo for inspiration, she will eventually make an afghan or sweater.

The Lone Knitter
An account of what gets knit out of loneliness and life and how these knits inspire awe, not only for their having been made, but for the maker and the matter.

Professor Knitwit
Read about a young professor navigating the world of academia and knitting

aquamarine knits
A real newbie tries to tackle increasingly difficult projects.

Bitchin' Sitchin'
Diary of a self-confessed yarn-o-holic, who knits, eats chocolate and contemplates life in general whilst living halfway between Oxford & London in rainy England. Having just ditched alcoholic Texan husband ...

I caught the knitting bug and here I am.

Algaja tegemised

The Yarn Game
My blog is about me learning to knit and show-casing my knitting and crocheting projects.

Silver Arrow Knits!
This is a tale of wonder and excitement, of danger and thrill, of heartbreak and life lessons. This is a tale of a girl and her knitting.

Phunky Knitter
I am new to knitting, I have fallen into a pile of yarn and can't get up! I am obsessed and can't put the needles down!!!! I am LOVING it!

cozy's place
My blog about knitting, which I learned in 2003. Occasional life stuff about writing & family tossed in for good measure.