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A new site for beginner knitters who have blogs and would like to showcase their talents, but is not limited to these blogs only. This site is for you if you fall under one of the following categories: *Learning to knit. *Have beginner-intermediate-advanced intermediate level knitting experience. *You don't churn out hand-knit sweaters at lightning fast speeds-at least not yet! *You are a master knitter who would like to lend advice and support to beginner knitters, sans intimidation.

About knitting and daily life.

Luvtocraft's creations
As you can see from my name, I *luvtocraft*. I learned to knit in the winter of 2001, but I still have VERY much to learn. Crocheting is my primary hobby, but I enjoy knitting as well. Enjoy your stay ...

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Day
Happy Blog about knitting, gardening, pets, cooking, and what ever crafty creative thing comes up.

Knit Butterflies
I'm just a girl who's gone crazy about knitting! I started making cell-phone socks/holders/cases whatever you want to call them & couldn't stop! I'd love to find fun, simple new patterns that don't take ...

The Purly Gates
Adventures in knitting, baking and other crafty endeavors...from San Francisco, CA.

kreative krista
All kreative, all the time...

Knitting Sunshine

Please don't eat the needles
knitting blog that chronicles my adventures as a beginner knitter

The name Stajes is a representation of our Dads - Stanley & Jesse. And 7 was just that between hobbies - knitting, reading, golf, travel; businesses - two; and jobs - just one - we have at least 7 things ...

Tangled Threads and Seaweed
scuba diving, dog lover, knitting, and quilting

Sai Knits
Where I constantly blab about knitting progresses and random events in my life.

A Knitter In Queens
All about my addiction to knitting.

Itty Bitty Knitting
Knitting web site of a newbie knitter... my daughter (a.k.a. Itty Bitty) models most of my projects

The Beekeeper's Granddaughter
Just a few thoughts on my knitting sojourn. Occasional interjections of cross stitches and cat hair!

Justy's Knitting 'n Stuff
Writings mostly about knitting, some about my family, and random ramblings about my day and feelings of the moment.

Kate Kan Knit
A west aussie's adventures into the world of knitting and blogging

Knottie Knitter
a cool spot to chronicle my adventures in the fiber world.

Stacey's Stash
My thoughts and ideas on various fiber arts.

slightly unravelled
Adventures in knitting (and possibly other crafts) with a knitting novice as your tourguide.

Consolidated Lint
I'm a compulsive knitter! What could be better than knitting all the time? Why blathecommunity on about it of course! Hence, the birth of Consolidated Lint.

Mom of 2 kids knitting projects to keep them warm in the colder season. ;)

Obsession du Jour
Welcome to my obsessions. Currently, it's all about the knitting, but I can't promise that it won't also sometimes end up being about my many other compulsions, including (but not limited to): kayaking, ...

Ceative One
A Blog about my knitting and all my other crafting.

Adventures of a Busymama
I'm a SAHM of 2, soon to be three, and a fairly new knitter living in Maryland.

Knit Once, Purl Forever
Just another knitting blog. I'm new to knitting, but absolutely love the thrill of learning a new stitch or trick!