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Glitter.Glam. {;}Personal-Fan-Clique-Community-Journal.{;}*The glitter will consume us all*

without passion we'd truly be dead
this site is about me, the people I love & the things I love. it also contains fun things for you (quizzes, awards & other things).

Victory Graphics
A collection of graphics for the fashionista/new waver. Some I've collected, some I've created. Updated as regularly as I can manage. ^_^

Rock The World!

*Look What the Kitty Dragged In!*
Ava Gardner trapped in a 20 year-old suburbanite's body in the 21st century. Glamour queen extraordinaire Veronica's trials and tribulations dealing with a society that has forgotten the art of beig a ...

slacker bitch
games, downloads, and quizes, as well as some random other crap and personal stuff. most of the content features various pretty boys (ewan, jrm, bowie, molko)

I Run a Clique
The orginal community for those that run their very own cliques.

*Candyland: My Glam Palace*
No Doubt website, meshed with personal website...Glam, Glitter, ME.

Julie's *Star*
personal/visitor site with content content content :)

Alinda's Lake Palace
There's a lost girl in everyone, mine's called Alinda and she's lost in my head.{;}She built a place with my thoughts and my dreams and lives in it, confused ever after.

Cartoon dollz, many based on Hedwig and the Angry Inch, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Velvet Goldmine, and various stages of David Bowie

Girl...late 20s...always dreaming...always lost. Welcome to my secret spot on the web.

Leahs Xanga

The idle ramblings of one girl with a little too much free time at work...

TangledPuppet\'s Lair
My [TangledPuppet] Official modeling portfolio and personal site.