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Where the glitter gals (and guys) from the getcrafty and supernaturale glitter boards can list and browse each others personal/crafty sites.

The Austin Craft Mafia
We're just ten l'il business owners in Austin, TX who share similar beginnings in fashion, craft and art. Each lady of the ACM owns and operates a respected and established business that represents the ...

Hungry Girl
An exploration of food, cooking, and eating.

Kellann Knits
Kellan's website with all of her wonderful knitting and crochet projects!!!

Step Into My Thimble
I'm researchasaurus on Get Crafty.

:::lynne's fabulous life
my site is basically a place for me to get some things (web design, resumes, etc.) organized. i have some interesting links, a blog, and a bunch of web design things i've worked on, as well as my res ...

JNA Designs Handbuilt Vinyl Goods
Jenifer Nakatsu Arntson designs and makes "hand built vinyl goods". Handbags, wallets, checkbooks, and much more for stylish folk of all spectrums. Colorful with fun details, built to last. Animal-friendly ...

The Walrus & The Carpenter
Handcrafted and modified one-of-a-kind goodies for people who revel in not completely blending into the background.{;}Gal goodies, pet goodies, kiddie goodies, home goodies, wedding goodies.

Journal of post-graduate life. My thoughts, my obsessions, my addictions, my habits, my life.

Where Crap becomes Craptacular!{;}Pin up girl coasters, LP purses, bottle cap magnets, plus a thrift shop.

Spasmodica features toys and content for grown-up kids. Buy quirky, silly dolls, such as George, who's a girl's period, and other fun merchandise.

Hand Born
Handborn is a colletive of local Modesto craftsters who sell their goods online as well as at a yearly indie boutique. Find out how you can get involved as well as come to our montly craft nights!

my own lil space
a crafty, mommy blog

A Tim Russert-obsessed neuroscientist knits, rants, and generally procrastinates actually doing science

A blog about living and crafting.

This is Aliceinwonderland's website. It's about living a lovely life, and enjoying what I have. It doesn't get any cheesier than that, but I'm fine with it ;)