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Spidersknit.org was started by a group of women who love to knit and live in the New York area. To be become a spider too, go to spidersknit.org for more info.

MeBeth Rambles

Every Word's a Purl
A harried reporter's escape into the gleeful world of knitting, crochet and other random craftiness. Completely narcissism and self-importance free!

Brooklyn Handspun - Spinning in Brooklyn
Join me in my downward spiral into fiber addiction! Spinning funky fun yarns - they are also for sale!!! and watch me and my tourtured knitting skills.

One Scheme of Happiness
Knitting, cooking and adventures in the big city.

Blue Garter
An outdoorsy island girl, possessed of a new husband and a badly behaved cat, learns to knit to survive life in New York City.

gleek [to spend time idly]

Knitaholics R Us
A city girl's ventures into knitting obsession...

Tres Chic Veronique
Chic Knitting!

Peony Knits
about knitting and the joy it gives me in a stressful world

Too much knitting, all the time.

Schrodinger Knits
I'm Schrodinger, and I knit.

knitting and designing in nyc

Knitting, designing, and yarn fondling in New Jersey and New York.

Subway Knitter
Subway Knitter, not afraid to knit in public.

My name's Maya. I like yarn.

Sandra hearts hearts