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A community to identify all sites dedicated to or containing at least one bespectacled bishounen, i.e. good looking men in glasses!

The Dark Lands
Welcome to the Dark Lands, When It's Time to Go ... home to 2 of the cutest bishounen shinigamis in Yami no Matsuei one of which is the spectacled cranky Tatsumi Seiichiro.

Trigun, Vash the Stampede
Welcome to VTS, where the funniest bishounen are creamed ... poor Vash and Nicholas!

m y o p i c
a shrine to glasses and the people who wear them. stars a beautiful (usually) bespectacled person from many different animes, mangas and videogames. come and squint!

Kougaiji Cool -- A Saiyuki Gallery
A saiyuki Gallery

Crimson Anime
A vash site....currently under constuction...and if this one won't work....on to tripod!!!

Tetsuya's Lair
A double-shrine to Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter, this site believes that Leorio is a bishounen and that Hiei's full height is less than five feet! Come and enjoy the fanfics, fanart, doujinshi, and ...