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Click Member link to see site in tvAbortion - A pro choice Weblog
This is a blog detailing my positive experience of choosing abortion.

sleepless seashore
seaside wittecommunitys of a 30-something (hopefully) part-time insomniac supposed band manager type

this is my online diary of life as an 'expat wife' in Tokyo. Disappointingly, it's not all bridge and martinis

supermum:a life in the day of
mother of 2 young adults, supermum is now making her first faltecommunity steps in the world of post child independence

Sasoozie's Secrets
Semi-daily diary of me, my life and I{;}

mad musings of me

being and nothingness
Photos and words on being a mother, a philosophy student, and a woman.

Dippy Dyke
A dippy lesbian rambles uncontrollably about life in general

moosifer jones' grouching
Mags' blog, with links back to her homepage. Waffle about writing, cats, grrly stuff, living on trains between Devon and London and the usual time-wasting stuff.

ducking for apples
a country girl in the city

A blog about random things in the media.

Nancy's Crazy Adventures
The rantings of a drug crazed british woman, who listens to too much progressive rock music.

Untamed Symphony
| my mind in motion | deep | light | controversial | outrageous | witty | naughty | a chorus of free thought

Wendywoo's Web Journal
diary of a mad, lazy, pessimistic British author and web designer who's addicted to chocolate, television and James Marsters

Cindy Says
Everything I like including graphics, books I read, music I listen to, Cindy's Saturday song lines - what memories do a particular song conjure up for you?

Purple Elephant's Corner
This is me and whatever I feel like writing about today, Parenthood, Veganism, Feminism, Environmental issues or whatever else takes my fancy.

An American in London
One American girl gives up her cushy job and fullfilling lifestyle to sludge through three years in London getting a PhD. Come along for the fun, drink pints, study hard, be broke, have the time of your ...

The Seaside Stitcher
My stitching blog, where I comment about life, what I've been stitching and living in Cornwall.

My blog domain, personal site and collective of just another 20-something, Brit who has an unhealthy obsession for animanga and doujinshi..

Kate Allan
The online diary of Kate Allan, author

Musings of An Island Girl: An American Expat Destined For British Monarchy Since 1979
Island Girl spent most of her upbcommunitying scampecommunity through cornfields in America's Southland, collecting ladybugs and not missing a Sunday morning of church. Her aspirations began in her childhood, ...

Distant Aggravation
Because every girl needs a blog. And a pair of cowboys boots. Tales of an Oxford student, pretend groupie, wannabe playwright and cowboy boot obsessee. With added whooping.

30-something dyke watching life swiftly pass me by.

Quietly Shouting
Secret blog of an unsuccessful entrepreneur: How I didn’t make my first million in ostrich farming. What I had for dinner last night. All this and more* from Quietly Shouting. *Disclaimer: Blog ...

Natty\'s little world of stitching
My ramblings about cross stitch and life.

The diary of a girl with a little budget and a big mouth.

Knit Picking
Stuff and nonsense about knitting.

Trying to figure out what it's all about; Dane recently relocated to Essex, England.

Yang-May Ooi's Lit Blog
You've heard of fusion food, a blend of Far Eastern cooking and Modern British cuisine. Well, this is a fusion blog - a synthesis of my Malaysian-Chinese heritage and my British life today. You will find ...

It's just a journal. Occasionally it'll have something interesting :)

Moonlight Pondecommunitys
My day to day descriptions of the life of an American living in the UK.

Radio Maria
45 year old permanent expat in Madrid Married to 100% madrileņo with 6 brothers and mother all living within 15 mile radius, 2 bilingual kids. Not sure how any of this happened.

CJ Howard
I'm a clever blogging baby. I'm a dual national of the UK and US and maintain my blog to keep my American family updated.

Frog in Knots
My adventures through crafting on a whim; knitting, crochet and sewing mostly made up as I go along.

The Life and Loves of a She Weevil
Personal musings on life and my struggle with the world.

The Alleged Best Days of my Life
A random blog - meant to be about my days at university - which ended up full of frivolous oddities.

Not Getting It
A frustrated woman writes about the many different ways that she is not getting the sex she craves


Stikkit's Mithecommunitys
A bit of a mixture really - mad ramblings, silly stuff, a good sense of humour is helpful!

Stacommunity into the Abyss
A personal blog, charting life's annoyances, highlights and everything in between. Hope, dreams, despair, boredom. Journeying from a soul destroying job I hate to a brighter future. Maybe. Stacommunity ...

Backwards In High Heels
The everyday blog of a thirty-something who has put her head above the parapet and said 'I want to writer!'. Would be humorist, full time worrier

Lady Rants
Fast approaching 30 Lady Rants likes to rant... she's a sociologist, humanist and a bit of a feminist, but in many ways she's just an ordinary gel - Funny/intelligent/informed sort'a'blog...

PM to AM to PM
Well, this started life as a diary of events from my extreme and random weekends (my friends have a habit of forgetting what happen. But, as the year has progressed (and my life is changing), this is also ...

From across the water
The lives and love of a Dutch girl in the UK.

Travels to East Java
About a female self defence grandmaster trip to East Java, Indonesia

coming up blank
A Knitting blog with the occasional reference to cats!

Muddled Stars.. where's the bar?
The antics of a 25 yr old trying to make it to Hollywood. I'm not there yet.

Bisexuality and beyond
A blog about bisexuals and bisexuality: a sometimes-witty-but-always-sensible look at a sensationalised, yet simultaneously neglected subject. Details about my own sex life not included.

a tight mass of hair

Charlie In Scouseland
Suffolk girl studying Japanese in Liverpool. Join me on my journey, filled with rants, fun, much cheerleading and random craziness!