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For UK bloggers who are also women/girls

Dizziest blonde in Swindon
Trials of a blonde surfer chick in Swindon

Life's A Riot
The random ramblings of a 38 year old, slightly unhinged mother of 3.

untold stories
I am the antithesis of Bridget Jones. My site is about the stuff i get up to and is a place to say some of the things i don't get to say in everyday life.

Momentary lapses of insanity...
Occasional rants or observations on life as I know it.

living like a disaster

My bocommunity life.

Woozie's Weblog
The best bread and public transport weblog in the world!

es muss sein
Ramblings on current events, Liverpool FC, what I'm reading, listening to, drinking, watching. What's bothecommunity me, what should be bothecommunity me? And more!

Broken Down Angel
A sarcastic practically daily look at my world including blinkies and daft quizzes

Sarah's Blog - A little piece of me
my site is all about me, my family and pets, and my favorite sites on the web as well as my hobbies etc

Life's Rich Tapestry
Blog on Blogger.com

Alive and knitting in north-west London

Musings of a mobile marketer
A personal site managed by Helen Keegan, founder and managing director of mobile marketing agency, BeepMarketing. Here you'll read stuff about mobile marketing, technology, and just some random things ...

My personal blog about music,politics,sex,smoking,bitching,Tv,soaps and anythingelse I wish to bleat about.

greatest journal- aleathiel

Venting my anger
Want to get something angry off your chest? well hear me do it here!

Eccentric Bohemian Hermits
Join the Witty Woman as she wanders aimlessly through the Middle Ages, desperately searching for her own personal missing link. Don't take too long - time is running out!

confessions of an arts graduate
Just graduated in American Studies, and am blasting out into the big wild world. Ok, as far the local call centre.

I Love the Smoke
London is The Smoke (or The Big Smoke) and has been since 1952. I've been living in the Smoke since 2001. I love it. This is why. (Fact & Fiction)

Funky Monkay
Life, Loves and everything else a little funky monkay can do.

A bicycle junkie going mad in a world cultural detritus and social waste. Where's the composter?

Doing the right thing

In the Aquarium: a londoner's life
I love london because I am a londoner. These are my thoughts as I go about my daily business (some of it pleasure). Oh and some poetry and lifedrawings.

Pewari's Prattle
'There never was a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him asleep.' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Creepy Lesbo
UK based creepy lesbo spouts utter drivel in an attempt to feel better about life.