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{;}Mabel's Room is the story about my life and how I came to live with my family. My site also includes a lot of pictures of my family, friends,and of course, a lot of pictures of me. I have included ...

Adopt, Adopt, Adopt
Some of the souls I have found homes for

Gigi's Personal Home Page
Family oriented page. I believe in rescuing animals by adoption, not purchase.

The True Story of the Miracle of LittleBits
This is a true story of how a tiny stray kitten was healed by love and the power of prayer. A true miracle with an extra little twist!

More Than Pets
More Than Pets features stories of formerly homeless pets of a multiple pet family in an effort to promote responsible pet ownership and encourage others to adopt pets from shelters and rescue organizations. ...

Sue's Furry Family
My site has stories of my pets, past and present, shelter stories from my volunteer work, rescue info and poems, and a substantial petloss page with poems.

Purr and Hoggie's Cyberhome
A look into our lives and our rescued babies' lives in Costa Rica and the US. Our views about spaying and neutecommunity.

Kindness in Action
We spread Tolerance and Kindness throughout the WWW.My page begins with my cats,because my cats are the perfect symbol for kindness,my kindness in rescuing two of them,and thier kindness in the love they ...

VanoraSpcommunity Presents: For the Love of Animals
A site dedicated to understanding that animals have as much a right to live, thrive and be loved as humans.

Amy's Animal House
This site began as just a place for my pets and has grown to include rescue and shelter links by state, animal rights links and educational links.

Puddy Tat and Tigger Too
About my four furries plus stories, poems, photos, graphics, health tips, animal welfare and anti-cruelty pages, and more.

Save a Dog, Save a Cat
A pet rescue organization in Prince William County, VA, committed to saving the lives of dogs and cats

Kitty Kove
Kitty Kove is a portion of a huge web site, about the owner's freeloaders, err, kitties, and the joys and tragedies of cat ownership. Information on FeLV, ferals, companies that test on animals, and tributes ...

Birdboy's Place
My site is all about my wonderful animals. I have alot of pictures of my pets as well as some of the baby critters that I have rescued. I also have pet of the month, pet site of the month, pet memorial, ...

Homepage Familie Lint
meet Chess our shelter-cat and meet our other 2 cats Ricky and Nala and meet us and watch our holiday-photo's and Disney-stuff and apply for our cat-awards!

Betsy's Haven
Betsy's Haven is a small, non funded, non profit and no kill shelter located in Michigan. WE are a spay/neuter rescue.

Missy's Page
All animals, even sheltered ones, need good homes. This page is dedicated to my wonderful pets..all from a shelter.

Goliath's Page
Goliath is my sweetie. He's a Saint Bernard - Golden Retriever mix, and he's the sweetest dog I've ever met. I found him at the Humane Society, and fell under his spell immediately.

A Shelter Ferret's World
A Shelter Ferret's World is a website dedicated to all ferrets who have been rescued or adopted at an animal shelter. We encourage the rescue and adoption of ferrets, old or young. Also join our shelter ...

Virginia's Animal House
This site is about homeless cats and dogs that have been taken in and loved. There are poems, stories, pictures, graphics and more, with an emphasis on spay or neuter and adoption.{;}

Lilley Pad Pets
If you love animals, please visit our pad. We were all adopted from our local animal shelter and have been spayed or neutered.

Meower Power Feral Cat Coalition
A non-profit charity which rescues feral cats in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. We tame them and adopt them out to permanent, loving homes. Those that cannot be tamed are placed in managed colonies ...

TexasPepper's Home Page
Family rated personal website with stories and pix of my 22 cats, both present and deeply missed, my kids, Texas, vegetarian recipes, causes, memorials and much more.

CALS is about us...Coco-Alice-Luci-Lucky-Sylvester! We believe that all God's creatures (not just the human kind) deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Hopefully this belief is reflected throughout ...

Phaedradee's Spot
This site is about my family and friends furry and not. There are lots of fun links, animations, sounds and some cool homemade graphics. There are a few hidden pages which I challenge you to find.

CrystalBay Lovable Pound Puppies and Animal Rescue
Post and read about animal rescue and care in our free online BBS. Meet our rescue dogs and find links to nationwide shelters and activist information.

A site dedicated to cat rescue workers. Poems, tales, facts, photos, laughter and tears here.

Greyhound Ranch Adoptions - Orlando & Central Florida
Greyhound Ranch Adoptions, Inc. is a pro-greyhound organization giving refuge to greyhounds reticommunity from racing activities. Meet the dog of your dreams at a local "meet and greet" weekend event in ...

Craig Street Cats
Craig St. Cats is dedicated to raising awareness of the plight, and funds for the management of the feral cat colony living on and around Winnipeg's Craig St.