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This community is for multiples (persons living with Dissociative Identity Disorder, aka Multiple Personality Disorder) and/or related dissociative conditions, and for their supporters. Sites should focus on the *positive* aspects of being gifted with multiple selves. If your site is more focused on the actual experience of abuse or trauma, please consult CommunitySurf's search engine for a more appropriate community.

NeeDID Exchange
The NeeDID Exchange is a peer support network run by and for individuals with DID/DD and their supportive others. The site offers DID/DD informational links, a Discussion Forum, a Kidz Page, art, humor ...

The Madness Within
Journey with me through my madness into this present light, with my own writing and musings. And more to come.

This site is devoted to decreasing the fear of those of us with MPD, teaching how it occurs, how it can be helped, the gifts of plurality-in creativity, etc. Offers links, educational material, and support, ...

Multiple Personality Community
Join together Multiple Personalities people and let the world know it{;}is not a fake or a hoax. It is real and it's sometime very painful for{;}the people experiencing it. People suffer from Sexual abuse/Ritual{;}abuse/Trauma ...

~*~ the art of us
those who hear not the music... think the dancers mad

Gift of Plurality community Homepage
Where it all begins!

The Gathecommunity Place
The online home of our inner household, containing links, community, bookstore, message forums and, of course, pages about us.

Good Samaritan Ministries Alaska
A site that encourages Christian adults that have survived childhood abuse. Topics: Sexual abuse, The Church, Faith, Eating Disorders, Boundaries, DID/MPD. There is a message board that you can join ...

The Collective MiSFiT Home
We are a multiple system, family, or community. We are also, many of us, proud survivors. The two are in no way synonomous with each other. Our multiplicity helped us adapt in order to survive... but multiplicity ...

The Many Mini-Minds
A site particularly for those diagnosed with dissociative disorder not-otherwise-specified (DDNOS), or who feel they experience some degree of having alter selves.

Our Place: Home of The Butterfly Gang
We are The Butterfly Gang, a system of people that share one body. Here is a little glimpse of our story.

Rainbows and Tears
This is my, and my alter's site, about our journey with DID/MPD. It includes information about us, our poetry, links, and other things we may find interesting. Peace be with you. :)

Secret Shadows
This blog was created to promote awareness about Dissociative Identity Disorder.It contains information as well as insights into what it has been like for me living with the disorder.My hope is that there ...

Corrie's Haven of Dissociation
The homepage of the muse alter of the Corrieco System. Contains reflections, musings, and various writings at different stages of healing and understanding.