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Anime movie: The blooming business in the entertainment world


Anime is a Japanese term and an abbreviated pronunciation in Japanese of the word, ‘animation’. It is a very popular style of animation in Japan. Anime films are targeted primarily for the Japanese market by the Japanese people. Therefore, these animated films reflect unique Japanese characters and culture. For example, large eye of anime characters is a very common characteristic of this type. One of the most popular anime i.e. ‘manga’ a Japanese comic has attracted large audience in Japan and collected high recognition across the world.


Initially, these films were targeted only for the children’s market but in course of time, it not only attracted adults but also became popular in the whole world. Today, this is a well established business in many countries. These anime films have been shown on the television either in the form of movie or serials. In addition, it is available online and you can download it free of cost.


Many people interpret it as an art of visual presentation because it emphasizes on visual styles. These styles are very particular and vary from one artist to another and also from one country to another. However, some basic styles are common for all anime films. One of the important features of anime film is – it reflects the native culture of the respective countries. For example, due to Japanese anime movies, the popularity of Japanese culture has increased worldwide; the numbers of people studying Japanese have increased, especially in the western countries.  


With increasing demand and popularity, anime has become one of the most commercially profitable business in many of the developed and developing countries. After the outstanding success of ‘Pokemon’, it became very significant; subsequently, many artists of the western world have entered this business. The recent anime movie “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, has attracted the attention of the viewers of the world even before its release.


The children are crazy about these movies, they enjoy to the fullest while watching anime movies or anime TV serials. Besides, there are many anime games available online. Anime download is very easy. Above all, it is one of the most important sources of entertainment as well as learning.

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