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you're different. you're fun. your domain isn't foreverdepressed.com. you know what you are? you're genki! and you love to show how happy + energetic you can be. :)

Princess' Adoptions
I just love having a good time and being happy.

[ Melon Ai! ] ::v3.9
I'm *always* happy and I cheer other people up all the time! ^^ People like to be around me because I'm always in a good mood! :D

pins and needles
well, all my friends think I am the most genki thing ever. I'm hopelessly addicted to anime and Japan and the Gothic Lolita style. My friends laugh whenever I strike an anime-esque pose and I'm pretty ...

The Doh.MEI.n
"Everything! I'm high on life itself!" Just the daily happenings on my strange life.