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Remember the cute little GEO Metro? Lot's of people do--and fondly! This is why we've created this great little community so that fans of the Geo Metro can find all kinds of products and helpful information to keep their Metros up and running even longer!
The Geo Metro still has the best gas mileage around so it's no surprise that they're in demand. Whether you want one or already own one, you can find parts and cars, repair, service, shop manuals and more right here.

Find Geo Metro Cars, Manuals, Parts for sale
The Geo Metro has the best gas mileage around even today! Find Geo Metro cars, manuals, parts for sale and even more without having to leave the house.

Geo Metro Cars, Manuals, Parts for Sale Here!
You can find everything you need as far as the Geo Metro goes right here. Whether you're looking for Geo Metro cars, manuals, parts for sale or any other information on the Metro, we've got it all.

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All Things Metro: Geo Metro Cars, Manuals, Parts For Sale and More
Who can forget the adorable Geo Metro that we first saw here in North America in 1989. It was one of the first small and affordable cars in my lifetime anyway that kinda became really cool to drive! This is probably because it was inexpensive and good on gas, making it perfect for younger drivers who were still in school or just not able to spend much on a car. The fact that it came in some of the hottest colors helped too I'm sure, with the coolest of all being the yellow--at least from what I remember. I guess it's no surprise that there would still or again be a demand for Geo Metro cars, manuals, parts for sale.
What you may or may not know about the Geo Metro is that it was the North American manufactured and marketed version of another car. And no, not the Suzuki Swift though that's a great guess! I'm talking about one called the Suzuki Cultus which is actually still available in Japan and Pakistan today. The Geo and Suzuki Swift, which were pretty much the same car, were the result of a venture between Suzuki and GM. Later on the Chevy Sprint became the Geo so to speak as did the Pontiac FireFly. Remember those?? They looked identical but had the funny little name! No matter what version of this great little car you had or have, there is no denying that drivers love them.
These cute and affordable cars were made with different body types that included a 3-door hatchback, a 5 door hatchback, and a  4-door sedan, all of which were hugely popular and really inexpensive. But the most loved one had to be by far the 2-door convertible which back then was surely the slickest little convertible around! Oh how I dreamed of owning one in the muted yellow with the pastel colored paint splatter decals on the side so that I could ride around lookin' cool with the wind blowin' through my overly teased hair...the good ol' days. I would have owned one had I not been sucked into another affordable trendy car of the time; a Hyundai S-coupe!
Even though the Geo Metro is no longer being made, you still many of them on the road and can find a Geo Metro for sale online or in car classifieds. Whether you're looking for one to drive as a gas-friendly alternative or are hoping to get your hands on some parts so that you ca n repair the one you have at home; the internet will be your best friend in locating Geo Metro cars and parts for sale, manuals, repair information and more. Is it worth it? heck ya' when you consider that even today a GEO Metro has the best gas mileage around! As a matter of fact, this past year has shown an increase in sales of used Geo Metros because of the soaring gas prices that we were hit with in 2008, causing a renewed interest in the little car.