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About all things Books, Arts, Life, Love, Home, Play, Work and everything in between!

Can't Sleep, Must Read
An amalgam of everything books -- reviews of books old and new, thoughts on news from the publishing world, profiles of great bookstores, reading suggestions, and perhaps an interview or two! All brought ...

An Englishman Abroad
I have two driving ambitions. The first is to live in 100 countries and work in 20 of them. Oman, where I am now, is the 94th I've visited and 18th that I've actually lived in. The second is to become ...

The World of Books
Book blog, book reviews, focus on Scandinavian literature, fiction mainly

Anna's leesreis
Reviews (in Dutch) of literary fiction and some non-fiction.

Stage and Canvas
Commentary on art, whatever that may be... including the written word.

Missy's Book Nook
Book reviews, Currently reading, Random musings.

Bergers Book Reviews
Book reviews.

2 Kids and Tired Book Reviews
A tired mom who loves to read and book reviews always follow! Iím not a professional book reviewer by any means. I just like to read and I figured it would be fun to keep track of the books Iíve read and ...

Book reviews, book news, and anything book related that strikes the fancy of this teacher, student, voracious reader, and avid reading advocate

RYB Book Review
Book Reviews, comments are welcome and encouraged!

Life after Jane...
The varied and disconnected ramblings of a greedy little bookworm.

A bibliophile in the crazy corner of the world that is Manila

Islandhopper Lives it Up
I breathe. I eat. I read. I travel. I shop. I snap photos. I help. I blog. And I live to tell about it.

Must Read Faster
A stay at home mother's book blog!

Six Lit[erate] Chicks
We are six women who love to read, talk about what we've read, and eat while we're talking! This is a place for you to join in the conversation, give your two cents, get tips about books to put on (or ...

A Working Title
A blog about the books that make their way into my life from a feminist and anti-racist perspective, along with all things nerdy.

Reading For Sanity: A Book Review Blog
Life can be crazy at times and there are days when we're about to lose our minds. It's either this, or a straight jacket. Personally we find books to be far more pleasant and a lot less binding.

Bear Bookends
Bear Bookedns is a book blog featuring reviews and articles specializing on award-winning contemporary fiction and the classics.


A web novel of broomsticks, semiautomatics, and jetpacks.

Eye Level Books
Eye Level Books is designed to help parents choose the best literature for their home library. Stories capture the imagination and hold a unique sway over the mind and heart. The best stories are interesting, ...

Reading by Fairy Light
Children's & Teen Lit blog with a focus on Fantasy and/or Canadian books.

Ruby Ramblings
A mix of book reviews, monthly reading lists, and travels from South Korea and beyond.

DK's Soapbox
The Official Blog of internationally acclaimed author Dixon Kinqade.

Books and Needlepoint
Book reviews, giveaways, author interviews, bookish memes w/some family and needlepoint thrown in.

Christy's Book Blog
My reviews and thought on books I'm reading, books I've read, books I'm planning to read and just about books in general.

Artseblis Reads
i read. i write about it. mostly urban fantasy and historical mysteries; a few odd stuff. no frills. just books.

Mindful Musings Book Blog
This blog contains reviews and recommendations on young adult and teen books. I also like to post about news in the book world, host giveaways, recommend other great book blogs, interview authors, etc. ...

What is BookSexy? Start with what isnít. It isn't Jane Austen. Most of the books that made your high school summer reading list, definitely NOT BookSexy. Anything with ďForgotten RealmsĒ somewhere on ...

Following Fiction
A look at an online book club that is lacking in members. I am hoping that through this site, we will gain members and start the online book club that I have been looking for. Currently reading, "The Poisonwood ...

Dog-Eared Books Online
Dog-Eared Books is situated in NSW, Australia. I am an online bookseller and book addict. I am passionate about books and book collecting. Dog-Eared Books Online previews news and reviews of new and not-so-new ...

Amused By Books
My blog is a book review blog dedicated to the love of fiction. I read and post about at least a book a week. I am using a grade scale to show whether or not I like the book, making it easy for the blog ...

Babbette's Book Reviews
This is blog, updated at least once a week. The primary purpose is for book reviews, but I also include thoughts and theories on books and reading. Often I'm as interested in why people choose the books ...

Through My Reading Glasses
The is a site devoted to books: book chats, book reviews, book challenges, and book memes. This blog will give me a chance to present my outlook on my year in reading "through my reading glasses." If ...

Library at the End of the Universe
Book reviews and nothing more, okay nothing more than things book related that is. We're talking books at the end of the universe and we talk all genre, from A - Z baby. Pop on those reading glasses and ...

Ravenous Bookshelf
The reviews and musings of a Librarian-in-Training; she's attempting to keep warm and sane in the wilds of the Northeast U.S. with plenty of cocoa and good books. Areas of particular interest include: ...

The Diary of a Bookworm
So I won't lie. Pulling my head out of whatever my current book might be (Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters by Jane Austen and Ben H. Winters), for long enough to write about them, might be a bit ...

Ashbooks Book Community
A Book Community Sharing Book Reviews, Publishing News and Articles On Books New And Used, Non-Fiction And Childrens Books. The Ashbooks Book Community started out as a hobby, it was a simple book reviews ...

Clinotn Foster
A website dedicated exclusively to the promotion and work of author Clinton Foster, specifically his most recent works, Willing to Believe and By the Wayside. WIlling to Believe is a short novella detailing ...

Mysteries and My Musings
This blog is dedicated to Mystery and Crime fiction. I have always loved mysteries no matter what other genre's I read. This site has everything murder mystery from book reviews, author interviews, giveaways, ...

O'Joy of my life...
O'Joy of my life... is a blog about the things I like. And sometimes about the things I don't like. I like books. A lot. A whole heck of a lot. I like free stuff to do in New York. I like my husband. I ...

Baja Greenawalt's Book Blog
Join Mrs. Baja's Cozy Book Nook in a celebration of all things reading! Not a typical bookblog. Don't expect stuffy pretentious literary analysis of books. Mrs. Baja's Cozy Book Nook is a casual ...

365 Days... 100 Books
I love reading... always have. But, working full time, running a household and raising a toddler seriously impacted my leisure reading! Considering I teach and encourage students to become readers, I ...

Book Hooked
I post book reviews, book news, book lists, and host giveaways. I work with several publishers, as well as with blog tours to promote books, but mainly focus on reviews. I read mainly general fiction, ...

Okra and Glue Snarky Book Reviews
We are a consortium of snarky intelligent women who read a wide variety of books. Some of us were English majors. Does it really matter? At least we have a basic understanding of English. Which cannot ...

avery, daily written erotica
avery is one of the bloggers from bibliorotica.com Bibliorotica is about raising erotica to a new literary standard. Itís about hope. Itís about freedom. Itís about the American wet dream. We believe ...

A Novel Year, or One Girl's Attempt at Greatness Through a Seriously Geeky Endeavor
Follow one girl's attempt to read 365 books in 365 days. In a counter to a friend's yearly writing challenge, Sarah decides to take on a challenge of her own: To read a book a day for a year. Besides ...

Picture Book Place
This is a list of my favorite picture books for kids. These books, both new and old, are the books that I recommend most for reading with young children. As an elementary school teacher, I've collected ...