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Snippets about British and other European crime fiction.

The Books of My Numberless Dreams
Books are my life so this is my outlet for thoughts on many things literary with a dash of politics and personal minutiae. The literary is comprised of book musings, reviews and journal coverage; politics ...

Historia's blog about Historical, Biographical and other Non-Fiction books.

Thoughts of Joy...
Book Blog

Cam's Commentary
A site about reading, fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Fahrenheit 451: Banned Books
A discussion on censorship through the Pelham Public Library, Fonthill, Ontario. A comprehensive list of "banned book" sites and resources for the novel "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury can be found on ...

Reading Adventures
My adventures through time and place, all without leaving the comfort of home. Reading is what I do to relax and escape. I enjoy lots of genres but mainly Historical Fiction, Romance, Cozy Mysteries and ...

All about the books I am reading and all things related to books.

Books Love Me
I love reading books and I write about the books, which I have read. I also write about thoughts and opinions on stuff that interests me.

Book Chase
Book Chase is dedicated to everyone involved in the never ending search for the next book, the next reading experience, the next author in the always expanding world of the avid reader.

Read and Release
At Read and Release: Tiffany's Tomes, Tiffany Aller showcases reviews from many different literary genres from romance to Christian fiction and nonfiction to suspense and invites readers to comment back ...

A Gaggle of Book Reviews
This is a blog devoted to reviewing wonderful books for the whole family. We review picture books, books for tweens and young adults, and both fiction and non-fiction for adults. We love books, and are ...

Joyful Jottings - Janet

Books and Musings from Downunder
I am a bookaholic - I am incapable of walking into a bookshop without buying something. Or reading a blog without writing a title and author down in a list. or joining in book reading challenges which ...

Books, Words, and Writing
Books, Words, and Writing links to information on authors, awards, books, comics, design/illustrations, news from the literary world, reading challenges, reading lists, words (e.g. origins, usage), writing ...


I review everything I read, and hopefully you can find something to enjoy!

All about books and reading

Caught Between Worlds
Ramblings about reading and scrapbooking

A Peek At My Bookshelf
Reviews of the latest in Christian fiction and non-fiction, as well as some fun stuff to read...good for all things bookish!

Playing Many Parts
A blog mostly about books, reading challenges and mothecommunity.

I am an avid reader. I have challenged myself to read more than 52 books this year and five of which much be non-fiction. I also enjoy movies and am a member of netflix. I am from Detroit and often post ...

Mommy of Three
Mom of 3 blogging about everyday life, with a few meme's thrown in:-)

Stuck In A Book
A collection of book-related thoughts, interspersed with sketches, and an ongoing '50 Books You Should Read But Might Not Have Come Across'...

Domestic arts blog with a generous helping of books.

Other Stories
A girl in the UK in her mid 20s blogs about the books she reads, as well as feminism, and just completely random thoughts.

Lavender Rambles
My online space for reading, writing, photography, and expressing the joy of life.

Just a simple site of all my thoughts on current reads and books in general.

The Library Diva
A blog about books, from a lifelong fan of them.

Stuck In A Book
Lorra books, with some cartoons thrown in.

DaBookLady's Reading Life
A blog about my reading and reviews of books and interesting things I come across about reading or books. Facts, fiction, humor whatever that appeals to my inquisitive side.

Crime Down Under
News and reviews of Australian crime novels, new and old.

Geranium Cat's Bookshelf
A life in books as I meander round the country, reading and stacommunity out of windows.

Tar Heel Knitting
Musings about knitting, literature, and yoga with some random thoughts thrown in. Includes a list, updated weekly, of recommended books.

Much Ado about Books

Hawkins Bizarre
Novelist Alis Hawkins blogs about reading, writing and family life.

Pfeiffer Booknotes
All things books -- news, events, awards, reviews, and more.

Jessica's Booklist
Jessica's Booklist is a brief look into the reading habits of a read-a-holic. I document and review what is on my nightstand and what is next on my reading list.

Medieval Mysteries
Reviews of books set in the medieval period plus short stories for free download etc

Book Bits ~ Diary of a Rambling Reader
Join me on my quest to read 100 books this year. I will be posting reviews, tips for readers, challenges and anything else appealing to book addicts like me!

Pfeiffer BookNotes
All things books!

Valentina's room
This is my first blog where I plan to share as many reviews as possible about books that I'm reading, mainly children's literature and young adult novels.

Resolute Reader
An ongoing adventure into the world of books, reviews of everything read, from history and archaeology to climate change and marxist classics.

SMS Book Reviews
Book reviews of a SAHM wife and mom. Mostly non-fiction but some fiction too. Also some children's fiction and non-fiction. Also my challenges and other book related posts.

My Reading Diary
books I loved or maybe not and books I want to read again

My NY life straddles the worlds of neuroscience, reading, theater, music, and compulsive book acquicommunity by any means necessary.

Ready When You Are, C.B.
Trying to read as many books as I can before my Bassett Dakota eats them. Dakota loves to chew over a good piece of literature.

B is for Books
a blog where i talk about what I am reading and anything interesting that has come into our shop lately

Book Nut
The assorted book reviews (and other mostly book-related things) of a Stay-Home Mom with Four Daughters who has an Avid Love of Reading but is cursed with a Bad Memory. She hates wandecommunity the stacks ...

No. 1 Mouse Place
No.1 Mouse Place is my personal blog where I write about books, food, motherhood, travel and many other things that interest me. Jane Austen is my favorite author and I read mainly classic literature.