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This community is especially dedicated to the 1980's television series Beauty and the Beast, but all those who love the Beauty and the Beast legend, be it Disney, Phantom of the Opera, Hunchback of Notre Dame or the original fairytale are welcome.

The Steam Tnnels
A Beauty and the Beast Classic site devoted to adult fan fiction and fan art, as well as some other incarnations of Ron and Linda.

New York City Utopia
A small Beauty and the Beast fansite born in the French Tunnels

This is the WebCommunity Master's own personal website.

CABB - The Classic Alliance of Beauty and the Beast
A classic site devoted to fanfiction and fanart as well as much other matter about Beauty and the Beast TV

Lynn's Tunnel Chaumer
Come visit my place in the tunnels, below the city streets, where I pay homage to Catherine,Vincent,Freddie,The Hearts, and all things dear to me.

Sharon's Beauty and the Beast Chamber!
This site, is my tribute to Catherine and Vincent For the love they shared, and all they endured, to truly be together. Here you will find my stories, sketches and other fun things I have enjoyed putting ...

Dawn's Tunnel World
A place where I try to keep Catherine and Vincent's dream alive. Come in and enjoy my stories and other fun things.

Beauty & the Beast: The First Time I Loved Forever
Fan page for the Beauty & the Beast series starcommunity Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman with song lyrics to The First Time I Loved Forever, links to other B&B related sites and fanfiction.

Marina's Beauty and the Beast Site
Here you will find lots of photos, screenshots, stories, artwork, behind the scene information, interviews, the Jay Acovone Pages, The Jamie (myhr) Murray pages, etc. Enjoy!!

The Secret Tunnels
Catherine and Vincent fan fiction - and introducing Jacob, their son. New stories set in the ninties with Jacob discovecommunity just how like his father he really is!