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A collection of websites dedicated to the "Best 4 days of gaming" ever GEN CON!

The Keeper of Ancient Gen Con Lore
The Keeper of Ancient Gen Con Lore website has all you need to know to live, thrive and survive this little party called Gen Con.

The GenCon livejournal community
A forum for GenCon fans with Livejournals.

The GEN CON Guide

Star Wars at Gen Con 2004
Info such as background and characters for my four games at Gen Con 2004!

Rogue Judges
Rogue Judges is a organization of game judges who work towards providing enjoyable gaming experiences at gaming conventions.

vVv Gaming
vVv Gaming is an elite, multi-title gamingorganization forging new ground. vVv Gaming is a new kind of gaming community with a new breed of competitors. The world in which video games are toys for idle ...