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incurable hippie\'s musings and rants
About me? Mad, in debt, feminist, radical, angry, pacifist, warrior, geek, flower-power chick... About Hippie blog? Ramblings, fury, giggles and musings about love, peace, friendship, happiness, the state ...

Rainbow\'s Point
Rainbow\'s private space for whatever.

the webhome of antonio farinetti: student, software developer, nasa co-op.

Trilks\' YetAnotherBlogSite
Random ramblings about anything and everything.

a personal journal =d

as told by gabbie
how i see thw world but every thing told in a seni normal state with bad spelling and all

Holier Than Cow
A bunch of random thoughts randomly picked just for you. You'll like it.

Warped Core: The Blog/Anti-Blog Reaction
On the contradictory terms of spreading the message of the ridiculousness of blogging, the Warped Core weblog was founded. Articles and commentaries on the general stupidity of humanity, random product ...

The Naked Beef Man
Three girls' personal blog

my life, my website designs, my fanart, my fanfic. Whatever is rambling in my mind, I note it here.

pieceoBlog ::: where words turn to plastic
news for dj's, political activists, peace & love agents and urban love warriors

jessie pitas
some thrown-together thing keko can post stuff & news about her city and ytv! :)

Dreams in Digital
A geeky anime/manga loving gamer-girl makes her mark here in the world of weblogs.

I don't know what I'm going to be writing here yet. A little political railing, a little mindless jibber-jabber, and maybe a little about my private life. I hope you all enjoy it to the utmost.

I am Jack's Wasted Life
This is the blog of Geoffrey Hofman-Frethem a.k.a. GSeven. In addition to standard blog fare, expect poetry, photography, & other artistic expressions. Its theme comes from the movie/book Fight Club.

..::just a little rantification::..
the trick to being revolutionary is getting away with it

Enchilada Sunrise
Ramdom ramblings and the occasional brain splurge from a 30-something geek goth-ish knitter! Reviews of music or books crop up from time to time, as do mentions of living with bipolar disorder. Plus the ...

fake smile
Just an average dorky blog by a dorky girl. Geek pride! ^^

Skip's Ramblings
A personal blog with notes and info on interesting web sites, programs, aids, and geeky stuff.{;}Since it's a personal blog, sometimes a little rant about some great injustice.

the journal of a starving artist
i'm more sarcastic than your mom...well..that's what she said. oh, and i'm somewhat of a geek, or so i've been told.

something vague
just another blog of another geeky girl.

Kimberly Teed .com
For the curious folks who want to know what I'm reading, watching, playing, doing, thinking, listening to, et cetera :)

A place for Larkspur's musings.

This is Luka's blog. And yes, You've seen her before.

only in dreams
just a simple little journal.