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The Bloggable Harlot

scattered thoughts

Life is not a dress rehearsal
Living life to its fullest in washington, DC.

That's About Write

Ginger's live journal

a haphazard diary about chronic pain and other thoughts that flow through my head as I work out my glitches. and I have a lot of glitches.

J Strizzy

I have ordinary addictions


Lost and Wandecommunity

Knit Wit on the Prairies
The ramblings of a mommy who really should be doing laundry right now.


Knitting by Zen - handpainted yarns, stitch markers

All About Me - And Then Some
A blog about Kirsten, by Kirsten


scared to let the real world know i blog, but digsters are kind and wonderful and unscary. so come keep me honest when it comes to posting, else this poor blog will die ...again.

The Neo-Hippy Housewife
Ramblings of a young mother on a sunny day when she really should be cleaning something.

Gotta Little Space To Fill
I'm abrokenangelwing (ABAW), a digster from 2003 who doesn't post much but lurks often. This is my blog about frugal living, being environmentally friendly, my son and his medical issues, food, and ...

Das Boot!
Movie reviews, movie trailers, sports info, product reviews, and even opinion articles; all from the perspective of an Average Joe in Chicago!