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Click Member link to see site in tvJonathan's Personal Homepage
Personal website of gay guy including personal pics and steamy, coming out story.

Gay Guys Guide
Gay Men on the Net: A guide to online info, links, resources, and issues, for gay men.

Simply Accepting
The site offers my coming out story, my opinion on politics and stuff to help people through hard times. It offers people my coming out stories & the stories of others to help them through hard time. It ...

ardoryshow Gays artistes
Ardoryshow lesbians gays bi trans erotics artistes and a hot gallery.

Peters gay site
Home to a gay guy in Sheffield, which features info about me, Sheffield scene, pics, communitys, and also a link to my sci-fi site

Gay Bear Resource Page
Gay Bear Resource Page

OFD Gay Men's Resource Page
Gay Men's Resource page at Out for Democracy.

Gay Men's Health Page
Gay Men's health information and resources online.

Frank Antone
The personal homepage of this local NYC guy Frank Antone. Enjoy my photo. They range fron nouthy to nice

Fallen Angel
Aussie gay guy's page, following his pursuit of Love, Life, Truth and Beauty - in all their guises. Yup, it sure gets scary sometimes...

4 Gays
A Gay Oriented website for Gay/Friendly Hotels in the UK,Dvds,Vhs,Gay Stories, Europe and More

Just a page about a gay 31 year old man. Contains links and information for gay men and women.

Gay Male Musicians
Gay Men's Music and Gay Male Musician info.

Gay Muslims
A website for gay muslims. Check it out!

The Page for Gay Guys
Gay guys resource page. Info, links, profiles of out gay celebrities, and more...

Gay Movies
Information about great gay men's movies.

Gay Sikhs
A resource page for gay sikhs. ALso contains some LGBT Interfaith resources.

Gay Buddhists
Gay Men's Buddhist website. Also includes some interesting interfaith resources.

Gay Jews Info Page
Gay Jews information Page

Gay Christians
Gay Christians is a gay christian resource page which also has gay interfaith information.

Gay Bahai
Gay Bahai information page that also includes soom cool gay and lesbian interfaith resources.

Gay Hindu Resource Page
Information for gay hindus with additional gay and lesbian interfaith resources.

Gay Wiccans
Resource page for gay wiccans. Also includes gay and lesbian interfaith resources.

Classic Gay Films
Some of the best gay films of all time are featured on this page.

OUThealth.org: Gay Men's Health
Gay Men's health & wellness tools.


A Journey to Queerdom
One gay man shares his struggles in coming out and coming to terms with his sexuality. This is more than a simple coming out story, but delves into the emotional healing and sexual self-discovery processes ...

When worlds collide
Personal blog of an expatriate gay Californian living in Buenos Aires, Argentina

HUNT MEN 4 MEN Where Guys can Meet and chat with hot gay men, hook up with hot gay men.

Michael Dot Com
A gay man's view of the wacky world we live in!

// Rekkid //
Teen male sports photos

Hot guy in Gran Canaria
My homepage on IMVU, I love this way of meeting new people.

Gay Male

Online gay profiles and social network for men. With global gay news, events and blogs. Chat on webcam and use the integrated Youtube and Skype. Hook-up @ home with HunkFunk.com

CollegeXX is a site that connects people from all over the world. Create a private community on CollegeXY and you can share your photos, videos, journals, and interests with your growing network of mutual ...