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Click Member link to see site in tvThe Personal Journal of Michael K. Baker
My personal journal about everything my life that I would like the entire world to critique and comment on. Definately not your normal, Joe-Smoe lifestyle.

rainbow girls
a livejournal community for GLBT girls.

A day in the life.
A record of the life and times of one teenage brown shirt-weacommunity Suburban teen, struggling to escape his fear of intimacy, overcome his hunger for eternal supremacy in every aspect, and never have ...

Badsnake Loosed
A 35-year-old Southern lesbian in a polyamorous relationship revels in a life so good you may hate her guts. Join her legion of followers to get the inside story on what it's really like to sustain a relationship ...

Notes From the Fog
Scenes from the queerside told by a woman in her mid-twenties{;}

Azodnem.com is the personal webs-space of a young gay latino artist.{;}

Almost There
Nico is a gay Latino thirty-something year old living the life in Los Angeles with his partner of the past decade or so.

Daily doings and musings by as 39 year old HIV+{;}

One Boys Thoughts
Just a 24 y/o gay guy in the bay area of california, writing mostly about all the stuff that I don't tell anyone else..

reve elation

something missing in your life?
chronicles of my real and dreamtime fun/frollic/hell. {;}"geez i hope i don't get sick eating this, i'm a vegetarian. well actually i ate chicken in another dream last week so i should be ok." my companions ...

A Mind's Eye
Read the rantings, babble and thoughts of a leo who resides down in Atlanta, Georgia. ...it's a fun life!!!{;}

Tiptoe Over Me
This is my life. About a 15 year old gay guy. I'm atheist/agnostic but I'm a very spiritual person. Love music.. all kinds of music. Play bass, guitar and drums. Write poetry.. all that shit and more.

Life's Journey
Wondecommunity why we are here, and where this is all leading.

San Francisco Husky Bear
The opinions, life and times of a big hairy gay daddy bear in San Francisco, California.

Raging Rainbows
Just anoter gay guy shacommunity his rants, opinions, and aspirations.

Requiem for a queer
My boss is gorgeus. He fancy me but I feel as though he considers me nothing more than a speaking piece of furniture. I'm not in love with him but I'd like have sex with him. That would be the first time ...

A blog covecommunity LGBT news, L Life, rants and ramblings... sometimes you have to deviate from that line a little... now's the time to do that!

Digressions of a Mad Lesbian
The Raging Gushes of a Confirmed Closet Political Activist

Sperm Donor Volunteers
Sperm Donor Volunteers

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
A (mostly) daily account of a young gay man stumbling through life in search of a sense of belonging...

Bob's Yer Uncle
random musings about life in and beyond New York City

Imitation Feline
Stalked by a stuffed animal

A Transgender Tracking
A maintained diary of the transition of a young MtF transgendered person. (2005-)

Growing Pains
He's 21 with a lot of blogging history and now he is back to share his life, love and laughter.

Sustenance for Lesbian Moms: Potties, Politics, Power Tools, and Potluck

Gideonse Bible
The Gideonse Bible is the place where I say all the things I want to scream at the top of my lungs--or email to everyone I've ever met. In other words, it's me being funny, witty, and wise. And I post ...

Hell's Basement
Another Underwhelmng attempt to bust through the membrane of mediocrity. One more opinon on the pile by a 30 something fag who forgot to self-loathe. Tommy's Bocommunity blog is not without risk-read ...

Blog de um carinha gay que vive em função dos sonhos. Acredito na paz, no amor e no respeito, simples, mas diferente...

The Fabulously Untrue Life of Eric Houston
Reminiscences and ruminations about my Fantastic Life, only slightly embellished and none of it true.

Patrick's Daily Journal
The daily musings of a 30-something gay playwright who is searching for love, success, and the meaning of it all. Previously known as "Inside," "Iteration" and "Are You Happy NOW?"

living, breathing, dancing
Professional dancer. Wannabe geek. From the outback. Living in the city. Artistic. Scientific. Eats meat and vegetables.

Res Ipsa Loquitur
"The thing speaks for itself" law student with left deviationist tendencies commenting on school, the law, and the random events of my life

The random scribblings of a Southern radical lesbian feminist.

not too much
Journal of a Anglican graduate theology student who lives with his partner in Canberra Australia

It's my new blog. Some stuff is about gay/bisexual issues... some is just miscellaneous ranting. Check it out and post your comments!

That Queer Expatriate
I’m a liberal and queer American currently living in Weimar and Jena, Germany—which makes me an expatriate, but not an ex-patriot.

Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents
Pittsburgh's coolest LGBT blog

Life's Journey
Musings of a gay man as he ages not so gracefully through life.

Fosco Lives!
A Victorian Hedonist Intellectual in Exile.

C.E.C. Cybernet Entertainment Company
adult site

Broken Wings
This is the one place where you will find the real me.

No Matter Where I May Roam
Whatever happens if you are gay in the rural south? B.Ryan.F. is beginning his journey of reconciliation with himself and to others as a gay man in the South within the context of a highly religious community. ...

Struggling to cope
Neurotic, dejected, unwanted, and struggling to cope with life as a gay man in DC.

Peanut Butter And Jam Sandwich ( Thru My eyes )
This is an online autobiographical look at my life and gay life in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in the 1970's/80's. This story be will updated as I write. It is also pictoral (not graphic in any way). I ...

OrangeinaPod - a Pinoy Gay Podcast
OrangeinaPod is a weekly gay Pinoy pop culture/lifestyle podcast explocommunity the fun and quirkiness of living in the not-so-gay-friendly metro. Podcasting from Baguio City, Philippines, Oliver talks ...

Closer to the Sun
They say you can't go home again. Well, they're wrong. Surrounded by cow shit and puka shell necklaces, I'm making my life in Texas about reinforcing personal boundaries and solidifying a historically ...