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A community of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender online diaries or journals.

random thoughts from Toronto

Flaming Pop Tart's Manic Superstar Musings
Thoughts, ramblings, insecurities, musings, rants and raves from her Pop Tart Highness.

Thoughts Made Bald
A gay man's quirky amalgam of the shallow and the profound.

rob's space
Online diary of a young gay music industry worker in London.

color-me-in sky
will you tell me where was I when the color-me-in sky came down...

Thoughts, feelings and tea
A take on life for a youngish lesbian in London. My flailing 'relationship', my hopes, dreams, and love for Kristin Scott Thomas...{;}

Living with HIV so you dont have to be. Online journal of observations, comments, confessions, of a gay Londoner living very well thank you with HIV

What do you get when you take one 38 year old chick who loves another 38 year old chick, throw in a few palm trees, the hollywood sign, some laughter, tears and fifties-modern decor?{;}{;}Well, that's ...

glorified inanity

Boy-crazy boy who drives boys crazy. Diary of a Gay Magnet. A new dude every week.

Fallen Angel
Young Aussie guy's pursuit of Life, Love, truth and Beauty - in all their guises. Yup, it sure gets scay sometimes...

Here we go.
A guy just trying to make it through the day.{;}

T. Kevin's Synaptic Discharge
Thoughts, rants, bioelectric cascading neuronal spewing. From some guy near Ground Zero (aka our nation's capital)

Glittecommunity Enchantment
A place for me to rant and rave about anything, in absolute privacy in front of the whole wide web.

just had to follow the crowd, didn't you melissa???

Lobo solo
Older, closeted, gay married man tells it like it is.{;}

Show World
Blog about the life of a twentysomething downtown Manhattan gay boy.{;}

Greater than Nothing
yet another angsty teenager bitching about ho ahrd his life is. shoot me.

a gay diary
I am a Canadian expat living in Central Asia. My site entries are my experiences and thoughts about life.{;}

Surreal Secrets
Just an average gay male, living in an above average world.{;}

Under Yr Nose
This is an erotic fiction/blog page by a teenaged lesbian closet-in with problems. Lots of interesting things inside...{;}

Rosa In Machina
Small-town Lesbian seeks to move to big town. Read all about it!{;}

Queer Scribbles
Thirty-something Canadian queer male. Proud owner of a bewildered heart and a bewildecommunity hard-on. {;}

HyPeRbOyAlAn'S HyPeRcHaMbEr
Page by 25y/o in Toronto with online diary on page...{;}

{And nothing else compares...}
I've lived in this town all of my life, and I've been aching to leave for almost as long as I can remember. Cities like LA and Seattle and Portland beckon to me. Those are where my dreams lie. Not here, ...