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This is a community for gay youths to share personal homepages. No organizations allowed.

Rick's Web Page
Hi, My webpage is dedicated to my life and thoughts. It contains a section about my history and my current life, some writing I did about what being gay means to me, a ton of pictures, some poems, and ...

Learning How To Smile
Ok... Ummm, I write nsync slash fiction. what more do you need to know about my homepage?{;}{;}Oh by the way. I'm a chick. and i'm not gay.

Queer Samurai Japan
The life in Japan and my bookmarks about Japanese culture.{;}

Cody's Homepage
My Personal Homepage

Joey46556's Webpage
I'm Joe (19/m) and this is my friendly site with pictures, poetry, good gay links, a diary and some of my thoughts on life. peace =)