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A community dedicated to yaoi and

Mish's Yaoi Page - Warning
Mish's Yaoi Pageis a growing fanfiction and fanart archive. If you are over the age of 18 (or whatever age is legal in your region} and open-minded - come inside and take a look. It can't hurt.{;}{;}Also ...

CasualOtaku's Yaoi Playroom
A collection of yaoi fanfiction and shounen-ai pictures from several different games and anime.

Hauer's Shrine of the Zephyr
The Shrine of Hauer of Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture. This fanfiction site is being built up slowly to contain well-written fics. This site is yaoi and yuri friendly. Submissions welcome!

Kakumei no Yaoi
A new archive of yaoi/shounen-ai/slash fanfiction. That's all. No images to bog down loading time. Just fanfiction. Nothing else... Really.

Innocence Lost: Fushigi Yuugi Style
This sister site to Innocence lost: GW Style, contains a multiude of fic's pictures, wallpapers, adoptions, and is the home to Yaoi-Friendly.

Original Art and Fic from own created worlds, from BlackBolt, Taronay and Goodheart - and much more fun-stuff. Yaoi-Warning !