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The Friendship Garden is a place to meet friends. We have several activities going on. This is NOT just another community in which we just link to eachother :o)We communicate with others, and spend time doing a lot of activities. This community might not be of interest to those under 18 years of age. But you are more then welcome to join!

Shadow's Homepage
I have put together one Great site for all to see. I have made websets for all to usse, and adoptions to send or keep!{;}I have also made some greetings for all to send to whomever they wish.{;}Grab a ...

Friendship Quilts
Friendship quilts are a great way to communicate about a subject. We have a very large variety of quilts on our site. Feel free to donate squares on any of the subjects.

Escape From Reality
Escape From Reality And Enter My World Of Fantasy

~*~Louise's Lodge~*~
Visit my lodge in England. I have, amongst other things, a graphics studio where you can take snowglobes, graphics, websets in many styles and more!

Marina Pacifica
A place to "stop, wander, laugh and ponder". A little bit of this and that but mostly a place of gratitude for life's calm seas and love's smooth sailing with a few pages of my diary thrown in to make ...

Ro's Abode
I like to meet new online friends by surfing communitys & frequenting some message boards. My site tells a little more about me.

Theresa`s Country Garden
Welcome to my country garden and family webpage

Welcome to Our Family!
Family friendly! Elvis streaming audio and midi, free graphic sets, chocolate recipes, lots of stuff for you to see!!!

Welcome To Kathy's World
This is a site I made about my family, myself and all the wonderful online frineds I have made...Soon to come Graphics and other fun things...

~Serenity Designs~
UNIQUE globes, web sets, monogrammed calling cards and more!.Will customize free of charge..Globes my specialty.{;}Please visit, I think you will be glad you did. *S*

My Home Sweet Home
come in and meet my family, try some recipes, learn something new, read a joke or 2 and have FUN!!!!

Kristina's Home! ~ greatkris.com
Many Paint Shop Pro tutorials -- including pixel painting and selection tutorials. Penguins, bears, angels, and more. I also offer several linkware page sets.

Teresa's community Page
This page is where I keep all the communitys that I belong to.

Bigmomma's House
My site is aimed towards women and is against abuse of any kind.

Jeannie's Country Home
Come on over and meet my family and learn about our interests and our survial with abuse, mental illness, special needs and more.

Kittens Korner
the site is about me, stuff for the entire family and the best time spent surfing on the web.,...

In Memory of Jacob
A Memorial to my 3 yr old son Jacob whom passed of heart and lung failure due to Transposition of the Great Vessels.

Friendship Garden
This site shows flowers, graphics and other thing I received from my online friends. I also have some quotes included.

Krista's Home on the Web
A site very much under construction. It has a collection of stories and will soon have web adoptions and more.

Gennily's Corner
My site is about me, my family and friends in California and Philipines..Check out for the photos,and my midis/opm collections..

Chris' Pages
my peoms, my love of Angels , Family history and a bit about me and my life

Ask Daddy - Mommy is Off Duty
The ramblings of a WAHM of a three-year-old genius - also a medical transcriptionist and lingerie retailer. Sleep is for the weak!

The Wish
Voice of Arzoo