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Various anime and videogame galleries, my own anime music videos, some of my fan art, game tips and move lists for popular fighting games. Also a tutorial on how to draw anime.

Undercover Blond
He's charming. He's witty. He has a big purple bow! *^^* This is my shrine to Edgar Figaro, playboy young king of Final Fantasy VI.

Krita Yuga
The first shrine on the net dedicated to Xianghua from Soul Calibur!

The first shrine on the net dedicated to the kick @$$ fighter from Tekken...Unknown!

Toss of Fate
A shrine to Edgar Roni Figaro and Sabin Rene Figaro of Final Fantasy VI. Includes images, media, information, wallpaper, theories, and more!

Gals of the Game
A shrine for all the women in the Final Fantasy Series.

Confissoes de uma elfa
World of warcraft view through a perspective of a brazilian girl

Gurls with guns is a very friendly and dedicated clan, we would love to have you...and love to beat you ;)

Black Girl Bloggin...

Anime shrines, game shrines, graphics studio, fanlistings of all kinds, blogs, and a whole bunch of other random goodness.

Hyper is a Zell shrine, a Selphie shrine, and a Zelphie shrine. There's more content than you can shake a stick at. Just try it.

DOA Forums
A forum site for gamers and anime lovers. Also includes a roleplaying section for its creative members. Fanfiction and fanart can be found here as well. Administrator: SaiyaTrunks

Wesker's Shadow
Albert Wesker Shrine

Ciel's Home Website
Ciels main page, links to forums and other pages provided, please visit have fun, dedicated to ciel, and ciel fans of ciel from megaman zero, and girl power. (community(s) lower left)

The adventures of a girl who plays games...

December Rain
A personal anime and gaming collective featucommunity several character shrines, fanlistings, and other fun things to do. There's some personal content as well. This site features mostly Final Fantasy ...

Wandecommunity Ghosts
Just started up; this page is the website equivalent of the new girl gamer group that's started on blogspot, Ponzi Gaming Team.

Team YaYa in WoW
I am talking about my adventures and happenings in World of Warcraft as a female gamer.

Sacred Arrow
my personal page and links to my fanlisting collective, cosplay sites, art sites, and other fun stuff I do

GamingAngels.com is an online gaming community that showcases what women think about videogames, the video game industry and videogame politics. We do reviews, news, and blogs. It's a great place to hang ...

Mayren Abashed
Blogging Gal who likes RPG, MUDDs and Gaming in general. I like Tech and TV too. Got Tivo?

100% Certified Geek
A blog about my life as a game geek, anime geek, roleplaying geek, etc.

Letters from Birdfall: World of Warcraft Blog
The humor/venting-ground blog of a woman who plays World of Warcraft.

Blog about crochet, knitting, Ravelry and general life stuff.

General blog about stuff that interests me. I blog quite a bit about World of Warcraft, the books I read, and general current events.

Falchion Network
A collective/blog/personal site.

Mischief in Overdrive
Thoughts, opinions, and the occasional rant, directly from the mind of a self-styled goddess.

Mark of the Wild
She's a Druid --- When not dealing with the pressures of everyday life, she takes out her frustration in burst damage. Because she can, that's why

Just a artistic girl's litle domain.

female gaming, arts and crafts and other ramblings

Amazon Nation, a CyberNations Alliance
Welcome to the Amazon Nation, the only CyberNations RP alliance which currently boasts an openly Matriarchal government structure. All who share the same goals are welcome to join!

Rabid female gamer's site collective.

Gamer Girl with Gaming Tattoos
Jenna Jaguar's personal blog. Jenna Jaguar is a gamer girl with Gaming Tattoos who loves Gothic Lolita Fashion and Adorable kitty cats! Lots of pictures and computer nerd stuff! Jenna started building ...

What Did You See >>
What Movie Did You See - a blog of the movies i've seen, will see and the games i plyaed, will play, and the comics i love.

How to Make Gold in World of Warcraft
This is a place where you can get information of all kinds really.. And a free place to advertise in the forums. In World of Warcraft, if you don't have enough gold, life can be pretty difficult. You ...