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A community for ALL girls who play and love video games. Are you woman enough?

The collective of an avid and enthusiastic gamer. :)

The Random Final Fantasy Page
A Final Fantasy (mainly, but not limited to, 7 and 8) page with fanart, fanfiction, character shrines, and random fun things! Always growing . . .

asylum garden
Personal art site focusing on my various interests. Has a gallery for the Megaten series, as well as fanart for many other games. Also has other fun stuff like a bbs, oekaki and cosplay. ^_^

Happy Page//Beoulve(dot)Net
Final Fantasy Fanarts. I love Final fantasy Tactics and all Square games. The Legend of Zelda too ^_^

Loving Final Fantasy VIII
a site dedicated to ff8, with midis, movies, wallpapers, mp3, downloadables & more

Girl Gamer Association
We maybe pretty, and at times a little "ditzy." It's all a cover!{;}We're not fluff! We are serious gamers!{;}{;}Whether you're 5 or 105, like to play video/computer games or card/board/minis ...

The Pink Samurai Rinka
A shrine dedicated to my favorite character from Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage....Yoshino Rinka!

China Doll
A shrine dedicated to my favorite character in dead or alive 2..Lei Fang

PlayStation Black Disk ver5.1
My me-centric, game-themed website: features my LiveJournal, pics, and will soon have some of my artwork, graphics and whatnot.

Silver Coast
This is my personal site, which has two sections devoted to video games (one to my favorite characters and one to Square RPGs), and both Mortal Kombat and Final Fantasy VII fanfiction.

Raine's Bar
Site decated to some minor characters and to Final Fantasy 8

Twin Angel Step
A shrine to Sophitia Alexandra, the Emotional Goddess and Grecian warrior of the SoulCalibur 3D fighting game series.

Girl Gamers
Resources and support for girl gamers. Lots of fun stuff to read, links and interviews from girl gamers of all multiplayer games.

Infinite Chaos
Only a week old, nothing much, but I have planned lots of things video game related. I have so far a layout, 9 adoptable chocobos, and a few games' info.

marquez family site
My site mostly consist of fun and cool stuff. I am a tycoon fanatic!

Sephiroth's Street Fighter Lair
A shrine dedicated to Final Fantasy's Sephiroth, and Street Fighter's Vega and Chun Li and many more! :)

The Palace of the Pink Apocalypse
The Palace of the Pink Apocalypse - A Final Fantasy Site (VII, VIII, IX, X). Weird name (yes) - but great fanfic, fanart, quotes, links and more within!

F.I.L.T.E.R-Final Fantasy
Alot of spiffy Final fantasy stuff.

Final Judgement
Sydney Losstarot- everybody's favourite bunny from Vagrant Story! Information of all specimens, media abounding and two bits more.

The bloody ninja *TAKI*
A shrine dedicated to Taki from Soul Calibur/Soul Edge!

Heart and Soul Girl
A shrine dedicated to Seung Mina form Soul Calibur/Blade

Valerie's SiMs
My site is dedicated to my favorite game by Maxis/Electronic Arts called "The SiMs". I have all sorts of nifty neat things you can add to your game, to enhance game play.

a site with a lot of ff8 info and miscellaneous stuff.

It a Shrine about Beatrix and Freya from FF9

I have a blog, mp3 page, and a soon to come Dew Prism page.