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Click Member link to see site in tvMileena's Isle
Be welcome to the realm where the fiercest fighter reigns. Mileena, the purple avenger of the legendary Mortal Kombat 2 in all her glory. Don't worry though. She won't be around when you are...

Kazuya Mishima Appreciation Society
A Kazuya fan site that is guaranteed to hold your attention for more than 5 minutes! Lots of goodies here, and stuff that you can participate in! I am way too hyper!

M-Sri, short for Miyamashi's Shrine of Random Insanity, specializes in Fanart and shrines to Squaresoft games, and certain characters in them. In short, take a look around; you just might like it!

China Doll
A shrine dedicated to my favorite character in Dead or Alive 2..Lei Fang!

Selphie Tilmitt's fantastic world
All you can wish to know about FINAL FANTASY VIII and FINAL FANTASY IX: Selphie will be your guide!{;}And many pages for the "Final" Fans!

Little Summoner
A shrine to Eiko Carol from Final Fantasy IX. I spend a lot of time building this website so please give it a visit.I would love it if some people will submit their fanart.

Ninja of Wutai
Shrine dedicated to Yuffie Kisaragi of Final Fantasy VII

Valkyrie Profile Resource
A fan site all about the game with extra stuff like wallpaper, manga, fanart, strats, role-play and more.

A clique for people who like Soul Calibur. Please join ^_^

The bloody ninja *TAKI*
A shrine dedicated to Taki from Soul Calibur/Blade

Tekken Tag
A clique for people who like Tekken. This is quit different from others because it is mandatory to pick 2 characters.

Quistisat´s FF8 Garden
A cool site ´bout FF8,many things(Wallpapers,Music,Movies,Profiles,Lyrics,etc)that you can find here.Just view it!!

Angel Linoa's Final Fantasy 8 Paradise
Bienvenue dans mon site sur ff8! Welcome to my site on ff8!

Heart and Soul Girl
A shrine dedicated to Seung Mina from Soul Calibur/Blade

Chibiharuka's Fanart
My site has a ton of fanart in anime style, strange humor and weird things to do.

100% Mai Shiranui
a site dedicate to Mai Shiranui from {;}fatal fury games, this site will have{;}at least one update per month i swear{;}it.

Concealed Heart
Concealed Heart is a shrine to Celes Chere of Final Fantasy VI.

^-^ the trepe files ^-^
images, fanfiction and adopted GFs and SeeDs!

In Memory Of...
Shrines and Temples to Girls in Video Games, Mainley Final Fantasy.

A shrine for the 2 greates femela char{;}Beatrix and Freya

Dark Wolf's Realm
Fan art from Tekken, Final Fantasy, and various anime shows.

Delaney's Quake Place
Quake 3 Arena - related site features downloadable custom skins and maps, clan info, and more...

Zeal Palace
Zeal Palace is a shrine to 3 of the most underated charachters of the RPG world. Princess Schala, Fortuneteller Sarah, and Dragoon Rose. There isn't a shrine out there giving these three their just do's, ...

Yoshi fanstuff.

Fatal Blue Lightning: Jin Kazma
The place where Jin fans can go to get the latest, news, pics, movies, and more! It's fatally good!

GamingAngels.com is an online female gaming community that showcases what we think about videogames, the gaming industry and videogame politics. It's a place to meet people, have fun, and feel like your ...

Ciel's Home Website
Ciel\'s home website, links to forums and other sites belonging to ciel are on the site, fan site dedicated to ciel from megaman zero and all those who loved her, especially those who cosplay her physically ...

Aya no Yume
The wonderful word of Aya Völsunga: fanfics (featured my FFVII fic), fanarts, webdesigns, wallpapers... Enjoy it!

Gospel Angel
A half decade old shrine dedicated to the amazing female character, Aerith Gainsborough.

Rhea-chan's Dream Sekai
the typical anime/game fansite with the typical fanart and ficcies as well as a couple of the typical shrines and a bunch of other typical jibberish. nyao! =^-^=

a very small wish
fansite dedicated to Final Fantasy fanart and a small chocobo shrine

Game Galaxxy- Video and computer games
Official site for gamers who are interested in all types of video games. Visit us to find Rare and New Video games of your choice.

Urban Female Gamer
My blog is all about the world of games and what I love about it! I'll be writing reviews on all the games I've played, some retro, some new and some which are in between. So keep coming back to check ...

Arieluma - an Aion fanlisting
Arieluma is the fanlisting for the online game Aion, also known as Aion: The Tower of Eternity. Aion is a visually stunning massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) game featuring cutting-edge ...