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The pros and cons of video games

Video games are the most preferred equipment of entertainment for the children. They enjoy playing video games and spend hours every day on their computer or play station. But playing games on computer is matter of concern for the parents. They think that it has negative effects on children’s mind, body, and over all growth. But many researches have shown that the video games are good for children to sharpen their analytical skills.  

However, opposing to fears about the vicious reputation of video games, there is no proof that merely playing video games can have negative impact on children’s behavior, such as becoming aggressive and stubborn. According to research, there are some other factors that make children’s behavior aggressive.

On the contrary, video games motivate, teach, and stimulate learning skills of the children. Subsequently, children become more co-operative, innovative, analytical and social. Considering the advantages of video games, in many European countries, researchers have suggested the schools to use these games for educational purposes; parents need to co-operate as well.

However, some games have negative effects on children’s mind and convincingly change their behavior. Today, there are plenty of video games easily available online; some of them are evidently violent and stimulate children to behave violently. Parents and respective guardians need to check out these games. They need to motivate their children not to play such games. Besides, government is playing a pivotal role by making relevant law for prohibiting the creation and marketing of such types of game for the children. Such type of games available online should be restricted or disabled so that the children cannot access it.

If video games are used in the right way then it is a very good tool to teach the children. The children acquire knowledge and skills through such games. So, encourage your children to play video games under your surveillance.

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