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Obsessed with cool gadgets? Your are definitely not alone! See the impact these gadgets have on our lives and the advancements that are being made daily right here in this community that is dedicated to all the cool gadgets around today.
There is no better place for those of us who love cool gadgets and can't get enough of them. Have a look around and see for yourself.

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Cool Gadgets - Foolish or practical, lovin’ those gadgets!

Oh, those cool gadgets! Literally thousands of mechanical and electronic gadgets are out there waiting to capture buyers’ attention.

But what makes a cool gadget really cool? Like everything, that depends on the buyer’s focus. For some people, it’s gotta be digital or it’s nowhere at all. That means check out the latest in electronic devices such as “smart phones” or personal digital assistants – and all the accessories that come with them, from earbuds to bejeweled cases to belt holsters.

Amateur chefs are among some of the biggest gadget collectors, believe it or not. Check out the kitchen of any devoted foodie and there’s likely to be drawer after drawer of gadgets: vegetable peelers, slotted spoons, meat thermometers, melon ballers, garlic presses, cheese graters, grapefruit knives, bulb syringes, turkey forks, chicken skewers, bottle openers, wine caps – name a culinary function and there’s a gadget for it. These days there’s a device that floats in the pot along with the eggs and “sings” when the boiling is done.

Having children seems to bring out hordes of gadgets for new parents. Baby monitors have long been a staple of many nurseries. Now there’s an infant bathtub with a digital thermometer to check the water temperature. There’s a child finder device that helps frantic moms keep track of their roaming toddlers. A child seat not only plays “kid” music, but parents can program some of their own favorites into it as well.

Being a homeowner is another gadget magnet. One web site lists 93 different devices for automating home functions like turning lights on and off and activating security networks. That’s to say nothing of the multiple devices mean to control electronic devices remotely!

Of course, electronic and digital devices aren’t the only things around the house that get their gadgets. Gardening is another pastime for which the gadgets are growing faster than weeds! There are solar-powered garden lights and battery-powered garden sprayers, along with a “roll-out” garden that comes pre-seeded with summer flowers. Gardeners came keep pests like gophers out of the greenery with a solar-powered “deterrent” that emits an ultrasonic sound only the little critters can hear. There are even cool gadgets that will let forgetful homeowners  hide a key to the front door amid the cabbage.

Looking for something weird or wacky? How about a mosquito-repelled barbecue light? Or hark back to the 1950s and 60s with a backyard home theater with a mammoth inflatable screen. (There needs to be a added projector, however).  Or maybe “cool gadgets” could take in something like the a gun that shoots and traps flies, kind of like a Venus fly-trap plant? After all, cool gadgets don’t have to be practical to be cool.

There is, however, one new gadget out there that married and partnered women everywhere will want: it automatically lowers the toilet seat! Hallelujah!