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This community is for all those who are so obsessed about knitting socks that they consider themselves maniacs. A sockamaniac when not knitting socks, that rarely happens, constantly thinks about the next sock they will knit long before the pair that they are working on is finished. And no matter how huge their stash is, it's never enough. They gotta have more. They are eager to share their love of sock knitting with everyone even if they are not interested. You will find a sockamaniac knitting anytime, anywhere, from park benches to coffee shops. You name the place, they've been there. Sound like you? Come join our community and spread the word.

Yarns N Threads
Check out my adventures in knitting, crocheting, and spinning and other crafts, with the some times opinions of a parent of teen girls

JAG Knits
Home of JAG BAG Felted Bags and Knits. Free patterns, tons of links, events, favorites, yarn shops, knit for charity monthly site, and much more.

Yosemites Knitting Addiction

Creations by Marisol
Knitting, crocheting and cake decorating

Tisha's Treasures
my family, crafts and hobbies

Knitting and Spinning With Ewe
This is documentation of my progress in the spinning universe and my continued adventures in knitting. Along with snippets of life in Kentucky.

Crafty Momma
Crazy sock knitting mom of 3 on an island in maine!

Spinning My Wheels
Musings of knitting, crocheting, sewing and cycling. I love all things crafty and love to share my experiences about them.

A Sock Knitter's Diary
My sock knitters diary where mostly, I post about the socks I am knitting at the moment and their recipe so I can go back and repeat if I ever create anything I like. I've only just started publishing ...

Laura's Crafts
This is a digital scrapbook of all my crafts which are primarily knitting and quilting. i loooooooove knitting socks

Girly With A Twist

trek casts on
Sock knitting: portable, necessary

Mychawd: The Knitting SAMurai
On a narrow-minded world filled with images of knitting grandmas, who is left to take up sticks and stcommunity, and knit to make everything cozy? It is I, Mychawd The Knitting SAMurai