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Odd to the 75th Degree
A blog that looks into the life of a daily psycho. You have been warned.

My anime-ish weblog ...

This is my Dutch site for my story(to be written)

Gacktism... Name Him Your God
A site dedicated to the God of J-pop and our own twisted take on it. Has a gallery, info on Gackt, and rather odd devotees to the New Religion. Also you can join and get a kewl card to prove your me ...

Touma and Seiji's Memorial
A site dedicated to Hashiba Touma and Date Seiji of Samurai Troopers.

The Realm of The Twins of Death
Its my own little part of the web, which I take great care of. Its not nearly finished yet, though only because I really want everything done right. It will probably end up with at least one picture of ...

Mighty Mina's Mayhem
Random Daily bable from a girl who pretends to be pirate along with her loyal chef, soupy

My personal blog with pointless ramblings.

Just my personal spot on the web

Plastic Wings
A gothic girl's blog about life, and whatever else matters

Princess Moon
A nice little website about Sailor Moon, but filled with alot of other fun things.

A portal to the rest of my blogs and sites...hooked and addicted...

The ALMIGHTY One! (Live Journal)
Just my live journal. I know it isn't much, but I like to ramble on about what goes on in my head...and drool over yummy Gackt-chan. Wheee!

site on many jpop/rock artists-- gackt, ayumi hamasaki, utada hikaru, w-inds., FLAME, etc..

Mistress Sporkalina's Crazed Life
Just a little thing where I put my rants up. Quizes by the bucket full!

[Toshiya*s Underwear Drawer]
My site is about Jrock in general. It's still young, I haven't put much in it but there is stuff about Gackt there. (The icon is on the main page.)

something witty
A blog for the masses. Okay, the j-rock masses.{;}

Lost in a dream
My blog, mainly about anime, manga, Japan related stuff and me, myself and I. Come, read and enjoy! E-mails welcomed!

ChildOfRa's Bloggie
Just my bloggie. Nothing special, just my daily ramblings, with random pics and mentions of Gackt.

SIte Mate
little of a personal site with doujinshi and images.

personal blog

Faith's ~Secret Garden~
Just my personal blog.

A blog dedicated to me (anime/manga fun and j-music fan), of course ^^

caged tsunami
A site where I store all my poems, art, and stories. Also a few funny things and fun things thrown in.

Softly Haze
Has the general, pictures, music, discography, biography profile, and links all revolving around the grand and beautiful Gackt. :}