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This community is for anyone who knits, sews, crochets etc. and does not buy into the poncho fad!! Please...only blogs that are written in english only!!! The community code must be correct and visable on your blog before you can be added to the community.

The Roller Coastion of Emotions when I Knit

Bits & Pieces

sprightly spite!
Ludicrous amounts of geeky babbling, filled with varying degrees of spite, about crafting, driving, eating, mating, poncho-hating, studying, and living.

Katy Knits NYC
Knitting, theatre, NYC, and other random stuff giong on in my life.

Six Skeins Under
Online diary of my adventures in knitting and crochet

krazy kunt
my site where i post random stuff, pictures of things i make, a few photo albums, a blog,

Zeeppo's Knitting Blog
This blog is about my adventures as one of the few male knitters in Pitsburgh.

A site full of free knit and crochet patterns. Links to more free patterns. How to knit and crochet links. Other helpful links pertaining to the art of knit and crochet.

Harsh lessons in what not to knit.

Cajun Hillbilly Housewife
The daily life and creations of a hillbilly country girl taken from West Virginia and transplanted in the Cajun country of Southwestern Louisiana to be a wife, mom, homeschool teacher and artist.. First ...